Has anyone successfully adapted the FIREFLY remote to a Raptor2 FOCBOX or FOCBOX Unity?

Hello Anyone… The Question is allready in the Title… Has anyone done this successfully and how is it about safety? the R2 is the best Board i ever own but the Nano-x is a safety issue. After gone down 3 times im looking for a safe sollution. The Firefly remote looks solid to me. It would be great if i can build this for my Raptor 2.0 It would be great if someone could share links with tutorials.

Not the OG firefly but firefly Nano works with unity.

Nice one… THX :slight_smile:

The Flipsky VX1 has been good so far if you want a quick swap production remote.

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I’m gonna share my code on here today… I forgot last night sorry. My code doesn’t work, but hopefully someone can point out how it might be fixed.

I’d echo @Jinra’s sentiments though. If you’re having safety issues with the nano-x, what you really want is a solid, reliable remote. For me, that’s been the VX1 from flipsky.

I have a unity like you. I started with a firefly remote which was incredibly frustrating and outright dangerous. Those ceramic nrf modules are just a constant pain with cutouts. I ended up with capacitors soldered all over the place to try and deal with power regularity issues. The deadman switch is also a massive pita.

I went to a flipsky nano, which is basically the same guts as a nano-x - it nearly killed me with its dodgy on/off switch and need to be recalibrated every time it turns on.

Basically I reckon it’s gonna be a mission to get telemetry data on the firefly. It’s been months now and no one has bothered with it. So really you’d be left with a remote with no more functionality than the VX1 but potentially way more cutouts and other issues.

At The end… there is no solid Remote who realy work?? I saw a Video a guy used a Firefly for a 5000W Board. it works fine… thats why i thought i wana have this also.

Nah I’m fully endorsing the VX1 as a solid remote that works. It has a board battery gauge which reads directly from the board battery.

I think the maytech R2 style remote might work with the unity and that has telemetry.

Honestly though, as someone who has an evolve with the speed and range data on the remote screen, it’s just not that useful to have telemetry on the remote.

There are plenty of smartphone apps that can record speed and range data if you really need to know - or you could get something like the daVEGA screen which puts all the info on a nice, large, high contrast screen on the top of your board. I’m pretty sure that’s functioning with unity now too.

Sure Thing… All this NERD Telemerty Airplane Nasa stuff isn’t realy nessecary. All i need is some safety stuff. A Board Battery status info. Because it is dangerous if you do not know when you running out of juce. A non recalibration. The calibration should be saved. or autocalibration duering your use. And the Remote… when it is low on battery or instantly shut down, the board should stop wery slowly. and you should have a signal… vibrateing or acustic. and also a indicator on the display, so you know… it is not smart to ride… But whit the nano-x you ride blind… and instantly everything could happen.

Besides the Evolve… i missing the kicktail. because of this annoying curbs and stuff. Hehe but no Board is perfect. The M1 was a shitty board… but it was super safe with the remote. i never had a accident with.

Anyway… thx now i am more condused about remotes :slight_smile: hehe

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