Has anyone tried the nano-x yet?

I’ve got it, tried it and very satisfied with it. But one thing I would like to discuss is the beginner/expert mode. From the BLDC tool it shows that in the beginner mode the acceleration is smoothly which the maximum throttle percentage is around 83% and brakes gently. On the other hand, expert mode would accelerate like a beast that goes up to 100% right away also brakes like it has a 6 pistons caliper on.

This morning I pulled my back muscle because hit full throttle accidently in expert mode when I was trying to go forward in the beginning. Which launched the board from me and my body tried balancing it back then. :joy: CRAZY throttle sensitivity.

Anyone used it yet? How do you guys think?

However, this remote is so good that the design of it is so compact and light that couldn’t even feel it in my bag. Big thanks to Jason, bring this lovely stuff to us.

Did you adjust the PPM settings? Can you post a screenshot of them.

I tried but what I’m trying to say is the original mode setup difference between the expert/beginner when they’re made in the remote itself. Couldn’t change separately because these two mode were made like this. I’ll post some pics later. Been scared to stay in beginner mode now lol.

First one: beginner mode full throttle, second one: expert mode full throttle. Can’t tell much tho.

Set max Pulsewith to 2,06 and then turn the throttle trim to neutral 50%. After that set min pulsewith.

What is your Motor Max value? Try to lower that to calm down the beast.

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I just connected the controller to my board and let the motors spin. Feels sooo nice but breaks hard!!! I need to change that before jumping on the board!

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Motor max is 50 and brake is 50 as well…yeah I’ll try it but that means no 100% output anymore? I’m just amazed by the factory setting of expert mode compares to my old enertion remote which even reacts softer the the beginner mode lol.

Watch your back, I mean literally don’t pull your back LAMO. :joy:

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still waiting form mine to arrive :frowning: still waiting…still waiting

You’ll get it soon don’t worry bro. Where you at?

Can you also post a screenshot when the throttle is in center and another one when the throttle is at full brake. You can also use my firmware mod to adjust it more precise. Then you would have a center position.

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I assume you have an dual motor setup, right? Two vescs with 50 amps motor max in total 100 amps is pretty much (for me). Of course with 2 x 40 amps the board has less power but that’s what you want. You can also try the firmware from @Ackmaniac. Here in wattmode you can also reduce the power of the board and the triggerrange is greater. But at first calibrate the remote with the right values of pulsewith and center it with the throttle trim on the remote or as he mentioned in @ackmaniacs firmware you can also adjust center pulsewith.

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Well the first thing I did was center the throttle position, it came with like 54% or so? Then I adjusted it but still toooooo powerful. Alright I’ll try to lower the motor max, new remote = new setup. I’ve totally ignored that fact.

Okay so I figured out what’s the best configuration for me. Reseted the remote min pulsewidth to 2.10 then max to 1.00 in order to neutral the throttle. After that, seemed like my motor max and mix were too high so downgraded them to 40amp and -20amp.

Here we are! In beginner mode is easy to ride in urban area which accelerates fine and brakes gently that can allow me to mess around not worry about getting any trouble. Expert mode still works like a beast, instant acceleration and harsh braking - trying not get killed by it!

beginner mode:

expert mode:

Just a stupid question. But could it be that you always move the thrigger fully. Should mean full brake and fully acceleration? And the correct values for min and max pulsewith would be 1,05 and 2,05. Otherwise you can’t brake and accelerate fully.

Uh you mean when I am riding or doing the bldc adjustment? I’m not following your first question bro. And pulsewidth was like, I tried 2.00-2.10 then 2.10 gave me a better throttle range distribution. I’m not a bldc expert at all but I reckon I’m good with this setting? Or 1.05 and 2.05 is really needed? I can still fully accelerate and brake in expert mode.(intense power) But like you said, in beginner mode it runs a bit…kinda soft? Is it normal or…? LOL I’m questioning myself a lot.

I asked that question because some people use full throttle or fully brake all the time because they think there should be some kind of ramping. If you want to have less power in expert mode especially at the lower throttle range then i recommend to use my firmware. There you could adjust the throttle curve to your needs.


Oh yeah I got you now.Definitely will give it a shot. Reading your idea right now. SWEET!

@Ackmaniac’s firmware/bldc_tool is awesome dude. Definitely give it a try. You will see a MAJOR difference in how you can control your board. I bought a Raptor 1 as my first eboard and it was sooooo crazy in acceleration. I could barely handle it. Threw me off a bunch until I used wattage control. Smooth as ever now.


After spending almost a whole day testing the goodie @Ackmaniac made, I gotta say thank you so much and it literally give a different board to me. Absolutely amazing.

One question : can space cell pro 4 handle 30amps battery max? Dual motors which means 60amps battery max? I’ve tested it for a couple mins seems okay but kinda wondering.