Has anyone tried this vesc,? Ubox?

Is this any good? Looks like trampa…they said they had an error in production and we’re going to sell the rejected ones somewhere …idk just curious

There’s a really lengthy discussion on the other forum. People have tried it. I can’t link it it here because the local tyrant will remove it. It’s the one above this site if you Google “esk8 forum”


Thanks man

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nothing to see here, move along, move along, these are not the ESCs you’re looking for!


use your head, unknown clone company, they produced trash and they are willing to cheat someone to sell their brick knowing it has problems??? this is a super douche-bag move.

if the community supports these predatorial companies and allows them to grow in to a bigger mess and feed off more people, we all lose.

it’s not trampa, don’t be fooled by outside cosmetics, no matter how bad you need a VESC knock-off! it’s like buying a pig with lipsticks on.

or actual testing, could use that too!

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Most reviews are not real test, one, two rides at best some a few, nothing to bet with your hard earned cash.

I learned the hard way not to trust youtubers, most are bullshitters and they use flowerly language! I called a few out and one of them a pushover and an entertainer not a reviewer, the other a flipsky suck up. most all admitted the products later had problems, no shat!

For true result maybe wait 1 year till after people have bought and the failures rates, or not keep rolling in.

I would never bet on a new company, ubox is one guy really.

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Totally agreed :ok_hand::+1:

Yes it’s a new esc and yes it needs time till we can say for sure if it’s a reliable esc or not, but so far the makers of the UBox are standing behind their product with great customer support.

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You missed what was said in the top post? Ubox is selling their defected products to people under other means not directly associated back to them. You think someone with integrity would ever consider doing this?

What you said is complete fantasy but you believe what you want, they shown you who they are but you have choose to ignore this.

Also its scummy of you taking my quote and then changing it and making it look like I said this on the forum, do your mind not falsely quoting me!

Tell me what is so innovate about ubox? do you even have a clue what innovation means?

Can you evidence this? I I’ve seen some pretty positive stuff about the Ubox and it’s designer. Of course if you can provide compelling evidence then we all need to know?..

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hi is this for real? how would you have come across this info and why would they be so stupid to tell you this?

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maybe they mean the ones with the anit-spark


What trampa esc does this look like exactly?


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I’m getting 2. Look sweet . And they’ve got more new options than yours. Pretty clear most comments are not in favor of this but I’m pretty sure everyone had to be starting out somewhere…regardless of anything…they are adding to the small crappy list of options we have to build. All new inventions…add ons… …tests…trials…betas…ect should be encouraged. Until they clearly screw someone…then take the time to enjoy deconstructing their existence.

I just bought the Go-Foc DV6 and will find out how it hold up. It has really good form factor, love that it’s support 100A continuous per side and has a cooling house that comes with it and looks really nice.

I don’t care for the “features” I just want a solid ESC with a good startup power and one that will last me years. Will see how this one works out.

I‘m sorry, I just need to…

Maker x does totally support all your statements about splintend as well.

Not saying maker x is a bad choice, just that they and their company are not a tick better. I mean it’s one guy really. He even doesn’t design his escs by his own.

I don’t know from where your hate against the UBox is coming. I still haven’t seen anywhere a prove that they claimed they sell Trampas vesc. Their design is definitely totally different from anything Trampa does produce, so I do not understand how anybody could even believe that. It’s also not right that they ever sent out known faulty units. There was a first batch, also called beta batch which came up with a cut out issue. They didn’t sold any units till they solved this issue and all customers that had already purchased one or more unit got the opportunity to either send their escs for repair or they got the new hardware delivered and installed the diode by themselves.


I second this. I don’t understand why you’re reading unfound comments about the Ubox and then parroting them on both forums… Without any evidence.


Can anyone read and comprehend here…I asked if they were trampa…I heard the story via trampa themselves …the vesc weren’t defective either they were just different specs than ordered I think…and they said they may …may sell thor use them somehow…so I just asked if these were the ones…cuz the look similar…beyond this…you know 0 about the ubox and should avoid running comments that are baseless and negative …all new products should be welcome …even if it’s different new similar better ect…shame shame shame being scared to try something new is lame and it’s worse to spout your uneducated view and "scare " potential buyers tryers of new stuff away to the same old crappy stuff

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Hello, I’m John , the owner of the Ubox. it seems we never claimed we had wrong production in process and sell the rejected products somewhere else. we’re open to forum. I had a post here, it seems the post not well impressed . but anyone have interest can read it in esk8.news. I had a thread there. just search spintend ubox. thanks


And please read more reviews for Ubox. you will get objective idea on it. Any questions, can drop me email : [email protected] , cheers.