Has anyone tried using one of these esc's from ebay before?

has anyone tried using one of these esc’s from ebay before?



Try it for science :microscope:

haha alright it looks like ill have to give it a shot

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thats encouraging :sweat_smile:

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I’m interested, it looks similar to some pre-built board I’ve seen in the past but I cant remember which one…ARGGGHHHHHH

Probably the same as the bench wheel from china

could be, but of all the pre-builts I’ve ridden the benchwheel dual 1800 is the best. It actually feels like a skateboard, even if the deck is crap :).

When there’s a winning remote on the table, I’m in doubt!


lol, no doubt.

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It clearly states that the esc can only handle 1350 watts max so you would need to use something like a 300kv motor or something like that

(edit) this might work, Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 5055-280kv Brushless Outrunner Motor (1510w max)

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There’s a dual version too. The nano remote worries me.

But it would be for a super cheap ego style board.maybe…

I ordered a dual for science. I’ll let you guys know if it works


@psychotiller what’s your planned set up … for science :wink:

Personally, I think you’d be better off getting the FVT 6s car esc and a separate remote/receiver. At least the FVT will have some type of cooling. And it’s known to work.

@Namasaki Problem with the fvt is it is only known to work for a limited time, and the brake function is pretty much a joke.

@Michaelinvegas honestly, I have no idea. I just saw it and ordered one.

I wouldnt say fvt 120 6s version brake is a joke… it is quite a strong one but it needs to be correctly dialed in… as the gearing ratio, wheel size and travel lenght of remote’s trigger might play a part that the brake is too sharp.

So yeh… not really vesc precision but at least way better than boat/heli esc with no brakes or very primitive ones.

I agree, if you can program a fvt esc correctly it actually can be quite good :slight_smile:

Ok, I was not aware of that.

Did you get the hub version or regular? I’m not sure what the difference is…

I think it’d make a good bb killer with dual rear 50s.