Has anyone used 2s3p saddle packs?

I found these pack of 2 2s3p 5.7ah 25-25c lipos on HobbyKing recently looking for a good battery setup:

I was very interested in these. If you put 6 in series like @Namasaki did in his high power build, the esk8 calculator is estimating a range of 35 miles. 190kv motor, 2.25 gear ratio, 90mm wheels gives a ~31mph at 80% efficiency.

Does anyone have input? A 42 mile range for about $130 (6 batteries and bms) sounds extremely appealing!

The 5700mah is the combined 2s3p amps. I think you thought each battery is 5700mah and then connected it in parallel so it was 17100 mah

Ooooh. Well that is severely disappointing. That explains why they are so small… Yeah that brings it down to 14 miles. Sad.

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25C is a bit low at 5.7ah. Voltage sag might be an issue and will decrease range as well.