Has anyone used DIYeboards Offroad Truck Kit?

Hey Guys,

my first Post on this Forum, glad to be here.

I’m currently Building/Ordering parts for my first DIY board. I’m trying to use some nice pneumatic tires and found these in a kit. Has anyone used it or has a better alternative in the same price range?

DIYeboard Offroad Kit

Thanks alot!

Keep away from them


Second this. Shitty components, shitty company


Well I like the stuff I have from them ( ͡°- ͡°) Hit or miss i guess

they never miss, huh?


Very cheap components to be honest and the companies ethics are questionable. If you are on a very tight budget then anything that gets you rolling is fine but you will be upgrading before too long so weigh that up.


i’ve heard bad things but primarily on the airless AT Tires and the Batterys. At first i was going to buy it from Torqueboard but it was sold out.

I’ve had a truck snap while going 20kmhr. I know there at least a few others that have had this happen

Thanks. Not really a tight budget but not willing to spend 500 bucks on just the front truck for example.

Are you going full on mountain board or a longboard with pnuematics?

Look at what you get when you pay $350 plus tax

What you could have gotten/get

Bergmeisters - I can’t remember what they cost but the sale price was unbeatable Then any trucks out there - MBS , TB 218MM, surfrodz

@moon beat me to it but yeah the haggy board stuff is a much better option.

Full Mountainboard.

Righto. I know just the man to set you on your way to lovely mtb goodness Oh Andy where you at? @Andy87


He will set your board on :fire: first, then make a good one


Tbh, I think the following components are of an acceptable quality from diyeboard:

  • Dual belt ESC for a cheapo setup if you’re heavier, its pretty smooth.
  • 6" Airless tires and hubs again if you’re heavier. If you’re light you need to ziptie them to the hub or they expand. The hub is also a cheap 6" metal hub which can be used with the alibaba 6" pnumatic tires everyone uses
  • Their clone wheels
  • Their belts
  • Their enclosures
  • Vanguard clone
  • Their hub motors
  • N5055 Motors if you’re on a budget these will work pretty well

Things to 100% avoid

  • All batteries
  • Crappy trucks w/ non adjustable mounts
  • Their red motors

I have seen the trucks you linked used in a very edge case extreme AT scenario and they held up well. They might work out.

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I’m a 210 punds/ 95KG rider. What i already have are the Motors (Dual 6374), Dual Vescs and the batterys, nothing from DIYeboard. The Truck kit would be the only thing.

Oh right well with those motors I wouldn’t use their trucks personally.

Looks like the same ones skatemeteuc used in their new “Patriot” build.

Yea that’s what i referred to as the only reference of reliability in those trucks

For full MTB you need MBS Matrix 2 or trampa. That’s already 170$. Plus mounts, that’s around 150. Plus hubs, tires, pulleys, that’s 150.

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