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Has anyone used KD 53-30 190KV motor before?

Just wondering if anyone used the “KD 53-30 High Voltage Brushless Outrunner 190KV” from Hobbyking before?

It seems like not many people are buying this motor.

The price is really nice !!!

I have it and it works well! It just have 6S but it does his job! I would recommend it :wink:

wow that is a good price for a 10S 2000W 190kv brushless outrunner. I wonder what thier life expectancy is under skate conditions.

@DeathCookies How long have you had yours?

Shit… i did not read carefully enough…
I have this motor
Rated to 6S…
I dont have this motor that long… a few month and just 2-3 test drives. But i can tell that it has enough torque :wink:

@GrahamZhu nice find; these could be great in a 10s dual config! I dig the gold\orange color of the can!

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Bought two of this motor two days ago. After reading the replies, I feel safe. Lol.
I guess it will be sold out soon.

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