Has anyone used the LiftBoard

Hey Guys, I just picked up my LiftBoard (made by www.goliftboard.com) and i have tons of questions about it, since the website has absolutely no videos/reviews/etc

Has anyone purchased one of these?

looks alot like the chinese knock-offs of benchwheel boards.

It looks exactly like a benchwheel. But black.

yeah I noticed that, but never been on one of those as well

I’m just wondering if anyone ever tried those and if they had issues with motor spinning automatically after braking?

I have a benchwheel, and I do not have that issue. The board itself is actually pretty good. It’s just the parts need some quality control.

there is almost no info on the site, not even a location. so i checked the domain. Ontario Canada.

back to the board, no real info on that either. 50mm motors. htd3 belts, benchwheel mounts and remote. the wheels are oddly skinny!! and board is flat.?

hope you didn’t pay much for this…especially if your brakes are having issues :head_bandage:

The feel is nice and acceleration is good. It is flat and the grip tape is meh Thankfully I spent only 400 (from a friend) so I’m not too worried. Worse case I’ll pop in 2 vescs to improve the control and also swap the controller

If it’s like the benchwheel, then the BMS and ESC are one single unit. And the remote will be particular to that unit. What does the remote look like? Tbh, even the specs (top speed and range) are exactly the same as what’s quoted for a benchwheel.

at that price I would just ride till it breaks and reuse the motors…

I just went and explored the website a bit more. It’s definitely a black benchwheel with what looks like thinner wheels and a flat deck.

I thought anything cheap was crap?

Cheap is crap, cheap is parts. I’ll probably use the parts (all but the esc) and make a monster but only once I break it

Well, mine has been very reliable since I repaired it. And I do know some guys now who have had the board for way longer with zero issues. Luck of the draw I guess. Hope yours is one of the good ones!

let’s hope so!

Are your belts really tight? As in, when you manually try to spin the wheel, is there a lot of drag?

Yes they are. I can only just barely push the board with both belts on. It’s even enough for me to ride down some hills without brakes.

I don’t like universals but anything made cheap and then overpriced is crap. in this case, he really only paid what its “worth”…

So how much is the s2 “worth”?

same. about $400. so ks price of about 6 with shipping is reasonable(if it survives). but retail at 1k? come on.

wow just look at this. http://shop.actonglobal.com/collections/electric-skateboards/products/blink-board-lite the old single hub goes for $400, they are letting it go for $200 and still making money(they must). just get this! I kinda want one for 2.

if only i could return this :frowning: i just tried the pro mode and when braking it locks the wheels after letting go of the brakes also, launches randomly even in beginner mode (almost crushed under a truck lol)

Well, I’m into the s2 for $529 shipped, + extra charger and backpack w/ straps… I’m going to take that as an endorsement :hugs: