Has anyone used these batteries/Are they reliable? (Nano-Tech)

Hey everyone, I was doing some research on batteries and which one I would do for my build. I know that I want to do 10S, but am not sure if I should do 20C or 25C. I came across these batteries on HobbyKing that seem very interesting. It is the Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 5S 25~50C Lipo Pack — Nano-Tech Battery. I have read a lot of posts and have not seen these. I did a quick search on the forum and saw them on a couple builds. They claim to have more lifespan than common LiPos with the same specs. Has anyone ever used these and is it true?

There’s a few build here with those, you should do another search.

Oh my, I didn’t see the “show more results”. I will read the other builds and come back. Thanks, and sorry.

Ok, so I looked through the rest of the posts. Most of them seemed to be people just talking about its size, but one person (@AbrownMN ) said the packs “seem to be incredibly reliable and put out consistent power”. So I guess that somewhat answers my question. If I could get more feedback though that would be great, just to make sure its not a gimmick or anything. (Maybe someone has used traditional LiPo and this nano-tech and can compare?). Thanks.

To be honest, I think it’s a marketing gag. Throw new wrapping on a decent battery, give it a new name and say it’s the future of batteries. I will say this though, the specs on these nanos are pretty decent, if you ask me.

Its not just new wrapping. The size is considerably smaller than a regular 3s 5ah lipo and at the same C rating.

I’ve owned them, and many other chinese brand LIPOs. I can say they are the worst chinese performers, they will be like 70% degraded at 30 cycles… and puffy . The Zippys are OK. NOW, the BEST LIPOS I’ve used are Thunder Power followed by Gens Ace/Tattu…

Turnigy Nano-Tech are some of the highest quality LiPo’s I’ve found. They have an internal resistance of over half a normal LiPo battery, which increases the lifespan. They also tend to have much less voltage sag

Ok so I have one person saying they are the worst they have had and one saying they are one of the best. Are there any others with experience with them?

Google search and you’ll likely end up at rcgroups with real comparisons under load and real internal resistance comparisons. I had their best batteries at 65c I think it was. Better saving ur money and building a bigger battery with some 30c is my opinion. You can get the higher amps with the bigger pack and won’t need high c

@ewalks6 I can tell you from my experience that it is a bad idea to purchase Lithium Phosphate batteries in the first place. They might be cheap now, but they don’t last nearly as long as Lithium Ion or Lithium Iron Phosphate and they are much more dangerous. Spend the money on a good custom li-on or LiFePo battery with a BMS and you won’t regret it. Same performance, more charge cycles, lest cost and management in the long run.

I can’t say anything about using the Nano Techs in e-board, just planning out my first build, but I have gone through a ton of batteries for my racing FPV drones. The Nano Techs do have a tendency to puff up a lot, but they have good power and generally are as good as any other inexpensive battery. The best pack that I have found were the Tattu batteries, they say solid for longer, don’t puff up (though you can’t really tell until you unwrap it because they have Aluminium plates on top and the bottom).

For e-boards, where you don’t need a ton of current on tap all the time, and you’ll be discharging them over a period of an hour or 2, rather then draining it all in under 3min, like on a drone, I would say LiIon packs might be the way to go. Again, haven’t built one my self, but I am planning on making a custom pack out of Panasonic cells.

@anorak234 @x0054

Thanks for the reply. Although Li-ion does seem to be more reliable, I just don’t have the money to do it right now. Also, while there are a lot of examples of people having bad experiences with LiPo, there are a lot of stories of people who have great experiences with them. I’m going to handle them with lots of care and hope for the best! And thanks for the input on the Nano Techs @x0054. I have been reading a lot of RC group forums etc. (thanks @Hummie) and the reviews seem to be split, so I think I’m going to stick to regular LiPo’s as there are people who say they are terrible.

I’ve got a pair of 8000mah 6s nano techs and I am pretty happy with them so far. I’ve been running them in 12s and they seem to have good power and very little voltage sag, probably because of the size and C rating. I’ve only run through them about 5 times so far, but each time draining them from 49.9 volts (4.16v/cell) down to 41.5-43.0v (~3.45-3.60v/cell), and recharging 7,600-7900mah, so I think they have at least, if not slightly more capacity than they claim. My other Zippy batteries don’t seem to recharge as close to their stated capacities.

Haha, that wasn’t very helpful… maybe we should be more specific: The Nano Techs I had were 3300 cells 35C/70C, I even had one pack that came in DOA… I have some other 2200 that looks like a sausage. Mostly I gathered these vendors are lying a lot about their battery C and mAh ratings As @x0054 mentioned, esk8s have a much lower discharge rate than drones so most probably any cheap brand will do the trick. I am currently using 10.000 15C cells and to my use are more than enough.