Has anyone used these VESCs - Green Motion?

You can also push firmware via new VESC Tool without STLink - once released. Still Beta, but i did this for two older VESC 4.7 with no problem.

Unsure on VESC Tool release… but helps those w/o bootloader (to update fw).

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well it’s up to u to decide. I know the price is tempting.

You already bought it so there is one important thing to check before using it as @onepunchboard mentioned. I have 2 maytech and both had buggy FW. You have to check your current ramp step setting in advanced tab. It should be 0.04 (mine was 40 :astonished:) Everytime you click read or write configuration this value gets multiplicated by 10. You can test this by clicking read configuration several times and watch the current ramp step value. If it stays equal at 0.04 you don’t have a bug. But if so you have to set 0.004 and then write configuration (after that the value stay at 0.04 as long as you don’t read configuration again). This is the reason why many people fry maytech V4.12. And don’t try FOC!

As @sl33py said, you can wait for the new VESC-Tool for uploading your bootloader and firmware. I did it with both maytech’s and it’s super easy! If you want to do it right now with STLink you can PM me, I ordered a cheap one but won’t use it.

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@rich. Thanks for the warning. Also have two maytech incoming.

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Haha, this is a shame! Also I can’t believe they still deliver with faulty FW because they should know. Very funny is the fact that they say “don’t use FOC” or not longer than 10 seconds :joy: but when you look at the manual FOC is an own chapter! But from my experience I know how they perform (or better not perform) in FOC, have tried it once. Now I use high quality V4.12 in FOC without problems. I bought 4 cheap V4.12 first until I realized that I lost my money because of buying cheap!

Thanks for all the invaluable advice, will be sure to check to see if it’s buggy when I get it. So FOC will still not work after a full FW update. Does anyone know the actual reason for this??

Also, if I want to get a good quality VESC that will run with FOC, which are the reputable suppliers?

Also where do I find release info on the new VESC Tool “without STLink - once released”

Is the Flier VESC from Alien Power Systems any good?

Are you in Europe?

Got Greenmotion Vesc. had to install the bootloader using ST-Link and after that reinstalled the FW to fix the Current Ramp bug. Running it with BLDC mode and it works just fine, didn’t try FOC but heard it’s not recommended.

Yes telnoi, I am in the UK.

The two German resellers have stock. Alienpower only appears to have items available for backorder/who knows how long that is going to take.

The maytech/greenmotion has minimum parts only. You need better quality with modified and upgraded parts then it will work. In europe I recommend @esk8 (esk8.de) where I bought mine. Just for info I’ve tried FW 2.18, 2.54 and 3.26 with maytechs in FOC (at home only), everytime hitting the brake (even with no load) the vesc cut off and show up DRV fault. 17 times braking = 17 DRV faults and no braking possible, that’s bad!

:joy: my 2 remaining cheap V4.12 are flier, greetings from china!

You don’t need info, you go to bootloader tab and click upload, that’s it :grin:

I know, it’s absolutely ridiculous. :joy:

Is the beta tool available to a select view or can anyone try it?

maytech vescs are garbage. Their motors are good but the vescs are useless for anything over 10S and only do 10S for a little while before they burn.


Cause anyone can assemble a decent motor. Electronics though is a lot harder.

Well I am only going to be running on 8S for now, however would be nice to be able to run VOC and tryout bleeding edge stuff without fear of things going bang. Thinking I might try and return the item and buy something of better quality.

Can anyone recommend the VESC from proto boards? https://www.proto-boards.com/product-page/vesc-speed-controller

The VESC Tool is for beta testers only right now but should be released soon :grinning:

If by harder you mean they find it difficult to pay a couple cents more for higher quality components and maybe pay a little more attention to how things fail and adjust their processes accordingly, then yes. So much harder. They’re doing none of that. The parts fail because of greed, not because China can’t produce amazingly high quality parts. Nothing is keeping maytech parts from being Ollin or AXLE quality other than they have deliberately decided to fully maximize profits at the customer’s expense.

So yeah, its a lot harder to not make quite as much money and instead produce a higher quality product when your only mission is to maximize profits by impregnating the market with quick selling garbage that people buy after doing zero research due to the fact that they can barely contain their excitement over building a board.


I have the question out to Frank and Ben on the VESC-Project forum. Asking when the new VESC Tool will be released to the public. I’ll let you know what they say.

It’s worth the wait folks…