Has it finally been figured out? 1 motor 2wd

This was already posted in the Carvon thread, but thought this justified a new thread for discussion since it has been questioned and thought of by quite a few people.

Looks like @LEVer may have figured out how to drive two wheels with one motor. Just can’t figure out as of yet how he is doing it, and if it is truly 2wd off 1 motor. Would like to see video of him holding one wheel and powering the other, and vice versa. In the video we can see both wheels getting power and at the end he spins both wheels independently.

Very interesting. Any thoughts on this? Reckon there is a clutch pack/limited slip set up hidden somewhere?


Not sure if it’s truly solved but it sure looks cool as hell

It does use some of the qualities of a differential super elegant solution.

Game changer if it has infact been solved.

He might have sacrificed brakes and reverse in order to achieve that with some kind of “only driving in one way” stuff The same way a bike works (This is just and idea btw)

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I don’t think it would be good to have the exposed coils in the front.

Wouldn’t any road debris get forced inside the can?

Would be cool effect if the motor was sticking out the back.

Yes this set up has been proposed. It would be awesome if it can work properly. Saves a vesc and you get power to both rear wheels. The braking I assume would still be better than mono set up as more forced braking through both patches of wheels. The belts would take a pounding though wouldnt it. Meaning its questionable how long they would last.

I love the Chatter on this topic!!!


It would also be great if you could get fire jetting out the back.

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He also, Handled that with the carvon hubs on the front of the board.

No brakes would be a deal braker

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Seems more like a clutch system instead of differential. And since they use it on their 4WD they can get away with no breaking since they could use the hub motors for braking

This is part of Carvon’s EVO which he is patenting

I do not think he is selling this as a truck only unit (just a guess)


Oh whoa hub motors and a belt drive that’s crazy where can I get more info for this

Just email him lol

I like the idea but needing hub motors for braking negates the gain you get by being able to run only one motor between 2 wheels. 4WD is total overkill for an esk8, unless it’s an all terrain board. IMO this would only be a game changer if it had brake functionality.


there are cheaper ways to add breaks to a longboard than hub-motors

It has brakes.

If he is using one way bearings on the small gear any time brakes are applied the motor would lock the bearings/gear which would make braking turn into sliding…could be fun, but not the gradual brake everyone is used to. This would make sense than that he is using one way bearings in the small pullies and why he is using this in a awd setup with hubs in the front, since he can use the hubs for braking and set up the rear to not have functional braking.

Was kind of hoping he may have found a way to make this work like a conventional differential, but it seems more than likely that he has just used one way bearings.