HASH | Lightweight AT | Landyachtz Falcon | Dual 6355 | Avio AT Drive | 10s4p 30Q | Unity

Alright i’m tired of naming all my boards with ‘Kush’ at the front so have at it

Ok here goes. I have a big AT board weighing at 14kg, and might be heavier if i increase my battery size or get bigger wheels, so i’m thinking of making a lightweight, short-ish range pneumatic board.

Goal is to have it 10kg or below.

Here’s the items i chose

Landyachtz Evo Falcon 36"

@Eboosted’s Falcon enclosure

@riverside.rider’s Haggy Kahua trucks and Bergmeisters

@nuttyjeff’s Avio AT gear drive for the Haggy parts

Flipsky 6354s 190kv

Focbox Unity

10s4p 30Q battery pack. Was considering other cells like 30T, 40T, or VTC5A in smaller cells to save on weight, but went for 30Q in the end because of $$

Riptide tunnel risers and an assortment of accessories like bushings, pivot cups and so on.

Enclosure came first so i worked on it, stripped the black paint and did my ol usual with truck bedliner spray20190313_205246 20190317_200041

Then came the deck. I got it from someone locally who initially bought it to use on a downhill set up, but he ended up selling instead so i swooped it.20190410_185340

Sanded it down and going to paint20190410_204646

BOOOOOOOM. Experimented on a color shift paint that changes from green to blue depending on the angle where you look. 20190411_093904


Drilling…20190414_155501 20190414_163659 20190415_235641

Then comes the drive system. I’m using a pair of the Avio AT Gear Drive. It’s gear ratio is 16/60.20190423_182616 20190423_211933 20190423_211949

Watch the set up video here

Ok, back to the deck. Trying out something different than printed grip tape.20190425_191323 20190425_195736 20190425_205319

Can you see the color shift?20190427_125614

Ok, glass frit time. Thanks @Sender @longhairedboy for the inspiration! 20190427_190317 20190428_103514

After it’s done, installed everything to the board, what’s missing now is the battery. 20190512_090718

20190512_144826 20190514_005317

And through the miracle of time, the battery is done. Look at how much space i have. Also neaten everything with less wires thanks to the Unity. 20190514_164947

Test spin after calibration and set up… maybe i shouldn’t have added so much grease.20190514_171943

Rained balls just after i finished building it, so i had to test it in the carpark downstairs. I love this deck…20190514_175032 20190514_175113

Some more belly shots back at home.20190514_183724

Had to paint the bashguards black haha20190515_000808

And here it is, the finished product.20190515_080511 20190515_080519 20190515_080552 20190515_080634 20190515_080651 20190515_080656 20190515_080703 20190515_080709 20190515_080719

Mmmmm… delicious. Final weight is right smack at 10kg surprisingly

So yea, this build is perfect for urban carving and occasional offroad on grass etc. But i’ll probably use this often for when it has light rains. My area seems to that often. It’s not heavy rain, but the floors get wet. The Landyachtz Evo deck with these trucks and wheels, seem to be a good pair up, as the water that splashes does not hit the deck or enclosure, so the belly is relatively dry. Of course, mud guards would help even more. So there! Hope you guys liked the build as much as i do.


Great build, love the paint. Was it as easy to apply as normal paint?

The brand i used comes in a spray can, so application was easy.

For color shift paints, you need to spray a coat of black first, then the color shift. If it’s a different color like white for example, the white from below will show, making it a pearl-like color instead, which some people dig compared to the black one.



Fantastic build as always! What’s the final cost? Also, what are those 2 black bits at the end of the deck, next to the tunnel riser?

Thank you!

I’d say the build is about 1.7k USD exactly. The two prongs are actually a nose guard from Flatland3d. They have a round nose and a two prong one.

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$1700 is really good. Builds like this are a testament that you can blow prebuilts out of the water for the same price. Not to mention how easy it is nowadays with all these plug and play components. (Except for the gear drive but hey it’s just assembly)

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Right on. Problem is that for most new DIY-ers, choosing parts can be a bit daunting. I think i’ve spent more than 4k on my first board, changing and adding things from the first iteration, and had to buy a lot of components and accessories like connectors, wires, all the miscellaneous stuff. I guess what we can do is to advise on new folks on what parts to get, than to mess with the low quality stuff and end up changing things, i’ve learnt the hard way.


amazing build! Did you use the same washers on your truck bolts as you have used on your enclosure?

What you did to make the enclosure look ‘rougher’ is so amazing :heart_eyes:

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I’m pretty new to the forum, been lurking in the background reading lots and not commenting lol. Really like what you’ve done with the board and the colour looks great!


Truck bedliner spray :+1:


The washers i used for the enclosure are for countersunk bolts, the ones on the deck is for socket head bolts. Truck bedliner is a whole nother level, very scratch resistant.

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What brand of liner do you use and how do you get it to stay?

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The brand is Samurai paint. Its a product in Malaysia, a neighboring country so i was able to find a distributor in my country.

I had to strip and remove the original black paint, leaving the bare fiberglass. Then, a primer spray is needed before the bedliner goes on. Primers usually come in grey or white/black, it acts as a bonder for the bedliner or any paint in general.

And also a durability test


Is there a way to get it cheap in the US? Or a comparable product sold here?

Probably, i know Rustoleum has a bedliner product as well. If not you can do search keywords like truck bedliner, undercarriage epoxy, or Line-x


@Linny sick as usual. Like even nicer than the others that you’ve built. And that really says a lot. Always a pleasure to check one of your builds. Cheers.

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Its the glass frit haha. Every time i build a new board, i try to improve from the previous ones, and make it more efficient and nicer looking too. Hence i went with a gear drive for more efficiency since I’m using a smaller battery.

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@linny i love the diy frit shaker! Please tell me you had some “shake it, shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture” on whilst you were doing it :grin::grin:



@DerelictRobot sprayed an entire deck with something like this and it looks awesome. He didn’t even have to put any frit/grip on it either…(I think)

@Linny great looking build! I can’t wait to get my evo running. Your build always look so clean and its making me rethink how I’m going to finalize my build now!