Have a evolve GTR motor that i soldered on to a GTX board and its almost working but

So long story short my GTR got damaged in a flood we had, my gtx board was in the attic anyway i needed a motor and what got damaged was only the battery and bms in gtr board so while waiting for a new board i really wanted to get one board working so i tried taking a working motor from the gtr board, and put it on the GT board. They match up perfectly after you cut the wires only issue is there is one thin green wire not accounted for from the motor, secondly the motor when i pair the remote and give it power the motor tries to turn but almost sounds like its slipping inside or just not catching i can feel and hear it spinning but its not transfering to the gear… could this be because of the green wire? does anyone know if that wire is important? was really hoping this was some sorty of ground wire or something any help would be much appreciated!