Have a yuneec ego for spares what can I build?

Hi all new to the forum and could do with some advice please…
I have been given a yuneec board that I can use as spares think the main board has gone as there is no power to it even though the battery is connected and fully charged?

Anyway was thinking of using the board for spares like the battery and trucks etc. I just want to know if the battery on the ego would be powerful enough to run a stronger motor? I will obviously have to change the speed controller and transmitter which is a shame as I love the ego remote. But I’m hoping I will be able to build a better board. Please could you give me some ideas of a build that I could do with current parts and what other parts you recommend for a decent build using this battery?

Many thanks

You first need to know what is still working. You can build a better board but u need to know what to get first. I would he happy to help, just need to know what you need

Ok thanks, to be honest I was just going to get a new speed controller, transmitter and motor. I have an sk3 280kv motor somewhere would that be better than the yuneec one for performance?


Well if u are only replacing the motor why replace the speed controller and transmitter. I’m sure yuneec has a three pin connector on the output of the esc

Yes they do I just figured changing the motor alone wouldn’t work with the speed controller? and as I mentioned there seems to be no power to the speed controller at the moment. I have attached a pic. It seems to be the that one if not both of the black capacitor looking things has gone as one of the legs has broke on one of them and the other doesn’t look great. Could this be the problem? And would it be an easy fix with the pin problem? Or should I just not waste my time with it and get a new esc and transmitter also?

Sorry for all the questions and thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

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OK so have changed capacitors on the board but still no power when I connect battery? Battery charger says battery is fully charged. Any ideas anyone? Maybe I should just get rid of control unit and just use the board for building another one.

Please could someone also tell me what the black and white wire is for on the battery?


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They look like balance connecters. Are u sure they are coming from the battery. It would mean the battery is only 2p

Is it only a battery or is there a bit of circuitry in there also?

Hi let me show you some more pics :slight_smile: I have replaced the capacitors on the circuit board that had broke also but still no power.

There are wires for the switch from other end of battery as in pic as well as charging port.

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Replaced the two blue capacitors to see if that would sort it as the legs had snapped but still no power getting through to it?

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I was wondering about the battery and what those little wires were. Maybe theres a bms under the shrink wrap

Yes maybe not sure without ripping get it apart.
Do you think I could use this battery for my own build?

Prob. Check the voltage of the cells w the multimeter

Its is for checking how hot the battery are
, try self to turn on and looking at the app taking them off and on

Cuz I have 3 controllers and 2 Yuneec boards with healthy batteries :slight_smile:

Its for battery thermals.

You’re correct. But the thermal sensor goes to the ESC.

Hey, my esc has failed and I am trying to repair it. One of the IC is fried and I would like to know if you can read the IC for me. I also need to now the capacitor values. Thanks. -Alpman

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You found out about the ic already? Mine fried as well And both capacitors but i can read them I just need to know which IC to buy