Have an idea to make aluminum board

Want to make light skate which will be very durable and looking good. Thinking something like ACTION BLINK QU4TRO. Can anyone suggest files or similar builds. And what are pros and cons. Thanks image

Here you go



Pros are being lightweight, and having natural handlebars.

Cons are price, and difficulty mounting an enclosure. Considering how heavy motors and batteries are, the weight savings become minuscule.

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Might I respectfully suggest a rudimentary search be carried out before embarking on a new thread? Treat this place like a library. Its a collection of experiences and knowledge that has been collated by a lot of hard working people in their spare time for the development of this wonderful pastime. Make use of it instead of expecting others to do the searching for you. @venom121212 just linked a whole list of resources for you. Read. Research. Return.


…and there is not much research around here on Alum Esk8 to tell you the truth. Better looking outside. So here are a few places you can start digging (production or custom build alum deck manufacturers):

Roger Bros http://rogersbrosdh.com/products/

ThreeSix Downhill http://www.threesixdownhill.com/shop

Cindrich Boards

Beercan Boards

Yocaher Skateboards

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Aluminum deck will make a terrible ride and will be the opposite of light. If you want light the best material for a deck is carbon fiber but the ride is a bit rough and it is expensive.


Way back in the day @torqueboards had an aluminum deck with built in handle cutouts, PM him and see if he has one laying around.