Have any of you made massive powerbanks?

Prebuilt noob waiting on a Raptor 2.1 here. Think what all you guys are doing is super cool but don’t have the extra cash to spend. (Ordered Raptor 2 last August lol. Could have it now but 2.1 opt in made sense for me due to moving to Europe.)

Plan on getting a van for climbing trips and living in a decent amount and it would be useful to have a massive battery to power and charge things. I know that if you do it wrong it can be super dangerous so feel free to talk me out of it too.

I don’t know if there’s a diy community making bigger more durable, high stress packs consitently so I searched for info but didn’t find much and generally I’m decent at searching.

So what would you do if you were going to make a camper van? Thinking of a huge battery pack that could charge extremely quickly and running most things off that with a generator as emergency backup.

I will charge my esk8 off it occasionally. This thread is now esk8 related :wink:

There’s a lot of people doing this for tiny homes and off-grid living. I’ve got a buddy who has a similar project and wants too start making them for other off grid dwellers. I don’t know much about it yet but I’m supposed to be learning because he’s basically going to pay for the Welder, supplies and a ton of batteries and let me make my own battery packs if he can get some labor out of me. Not sure where he’s getting his info or his contacts on who’s looking for these. I would imagine people who live off-grid don’t exactly get on internet forms very often


I can definitely ask him for any resources he may have that might help you out.

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Yeah that would be amazing. I searched vandwellers community and answers werre basically. Don’t do it.

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Plan on not doing solar right now but maybe down the line

This is probably just a crazy idea but what if you made a powerbank that charged off an ev fast charger hahaha

https://endless-sphere.com/ Would probably be a good start, they have a ton more info in their battery technology sub-forum.


search jehu garcia on YouTube.


What kind of climbing do you do? And where? I own a Bouldering gym in Birmingham, AL, if you ever find yourself down here. Though I am more a route climber personally.

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Sport climbing. Tiny bit of trad and limit bouldering in the gym for training.

In Rodellar right now. Pretty amazing.

Thanks for the offer! Will let you know if I’m in the area.

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How many watts do you need?

Hook up something like this to your car battery or some car batteries in parallel.

This is the first hit on aliexpress and can handle 700 watts continuous and has auto shut off for low voltage. You should really know what you’re doing if you hook this up to your car battery directly. But for the rest I don’t see any problems.

Charging multiple car batteries in series will need an expensive powerfull charger though.

Not sure but would like to potentially have heating. So a lot of power. Was actually thinking of just having a computer and using the GPUs for heating. So a lot of power and would like to not use car batteries for weight saving longevity.

Some kind of setup I could carry out and charge off a normal outlet would be great.

Fast charging off a ev charger would be even sweeter. Ideally would like to be able last a bit without charging. Have a setup that could be upgrade with solar down the line.

out of my leage if you wan’t heating :smiley:

heating takes immense power

Yeah, thanks tho! Would rather have a massive battery than also having a gas heater. Might not make sense after I look into it tho.