Have anyone bought part ons Aliexpress?

Does anyone have experience buying parts from Aliexpress?

like this one here. I am looking for a short truck to fit on a penny/nickel board, mounting a motor is questionable because of the board size, so I think thinking to buy a hub motor with a short truck, and Aliexpress seems to be the only place that are selling it.

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I bought my motor pulleys for my racerstar motors from AliExpress.

i bought some controllers off there… some worked, some didnt… it was… ok.

Ordered over 10 times already :grin:

Try @dickyho

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May I ask which suppliers’ product work for you?

Just check seller reviews, i spent over 1k on Aliexpress since i discovered it aprox. 3 years ago. Confident with everything i ordered except clothes are to small and/or cheap fabric and once a 2$ psu came broken.

some of the aliexpress items can be found on ebay also, easier to get replacements for defective merch this way… through aliexpress you are lucky if they hit u back up when stuff broken

Not sure where you, but this could work for you!

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You just get refunded on aliexpress without any proof, just don‘t abuse it cause it only works if you are a trusted buyer And ebay has same shipping time if they send from oversea and it‘s more expensive most of the time

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haha, i never saw this where is it on their page? :smirk:

Open dispute, instead of confirming order…

That’s what I worry the most.

Does it work? Cos they aren’t using PayPal. No idea how truth worthy their pay system are

32 order in the past 3 months all without a problem but some took around 2 months to arrive some took 10 days and thats super fast considering the average wait time but usual wait time is around 1 month for me

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this thread belongs in general discussion, not builds.

It definitely worked for me.

Sorry, how do i move it?

I have done it for you now

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Yeah I bought most of my components from Ali express even met a manufacturer and had my batteries custome made to spec. Let me know if you’d like more info