Have anyone bought part ons Aliexpress?

Please pm me details? Or post them here, what did you have built and what was the cost?

2 400w hub motors - 230.00 with truck and remote Customized 10s2p battery (22mm thickness) x2 120.00 (took a month and a half) 2 VESCs 200.00

My set up gets about 18-19km range. With a top speed of 34 Km/h - 12 miles speed at 21mph

Handles hills wth 20 degree slopes.

Good stuff.

Buyer beware. I have had some really good experiences. Some sellers bend over backwards for your business and sell quality stuff. Some don’t know what you are talking about if you ask a question that isn’t on their spec sheet. I got confident bought a TeamGee Penny board. Dual hub! Decent power motors 250wh. Total BS. 72wh batt single hub motor showed up. TeamGee said that it was a “domestic only” and they were going to contact the seller. I raised a dispute with AliExpress and it’s been going on for months. Ali says they are on my side and should expect the refund to come shortly. But with no phone number or direct contact and I am pretty sure that I am talking to a robot (legit customer service algorithm…works good but spooky). I sent the board back. So I am out of pocket for the original purchase and shipping back and I don’t know where the board is. Just be careful. If they sell Esk8s all day and respond quickly and reviews of the seller are five star…

4 x 6s 6000 mAh HRB batteries, delivered to South America. No problem at all…

It’s typically pretty good. They respond on Wechat, which is an app kind of like Facebook Messenger, but in China. Sometime they prefer that. Otherwise, I have found some very legitimate and trust worthy suppliers. The Chinese value relationship and so the better you treat them, the better they’ll treat you.

As with anything, just make sure they have a good seller rating. Most of them are just trying to make it and so they want to make sure you give them good feedback.