Have I blown my BMS

Hi all

When I plug my charger into my charge port I get a spark. Is this an issue with my BMS? Reckon I have blown it some how?


Did you plug the charger to the wall first?

Does it when charger isn’t plugged into wall

Yes. The voltage difference can cause sparks. Plug It to the wall first


Okay thanks I’ll try it in a bit

Hmmm sparked when it was plugged into wall as well. I’ll leave it a bit and see if it actually charges

If it’s a small spark should still work BMS should be okay but check just in case.

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Yep Duff BMS or maybe the charge port.

Been left on charge for 1.5 hours and hasn’t gone up at all.

How can I check if it’s the BMS or charge port?

Can you try another charger? That one could be damaged. Again, plug It to the wall first. To check your charger just do this: IMG_20190209_191129 You should see the right voltage

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Really? I have to connect the board first before the wall socket. No spark. Wall socket first even switched off and sparky mc sparky

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MEh my charger has literally always sparked when I plug it into the wall. No big deal, been doing it for over a year

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Meh??? The charger when disconnected from the power source for 5 mins will not spark if you plug it into the board. Take it straight off the power and yeah the residual current stored in the innards may cause a spark. Plug into the board and then plug it into the wall. If you get a spark then where is it located?

Oh lol maybe I didn’t read something right - I was simply commenting that when I plug my charger into the wall after plugging it into my board, it sparks at the wall :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah… Ya missed this comment lol

Yes. Really

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really what?

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Okay tried the multimeter into the xt30 ( soldered this today). It’s showing no volts, I should see voltage right? Coming from the xt30 like I’ve done.

Also is my multimeter on the correct setting?


Yes you should see votlage there. It should be the full charging voltage of the charger. Did you try just manually probing the leads and the connector? Make sure you get a good solid touch with it

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No, the black wire goes in the bottom middle hole (COM) always.

The red goes in the right hole for “V” measurements

The dial is in the correct position for 200V max “DC” voltage measurements

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