Have I focked my FOCBOXs?

As far as I can tell SN65HVD232 CAN bus chip isn’t an isolated version meaning it needs the same ground reference between the VESCs (even trough in theory a differential transmission protocol should handle that). The thing I’m not sure about is what happens once a ground shift occurs (e.g. due to higher current draw on one VESC) If it still fries something on the board.

if i understand something i heard recently correctly… and somebody please correct me if i’m wrong…

yeah you can fry it that way.

if somebody else would like to confirm that it would make me happy.

Oh no! I just did the same thing with my Esk8 with FOCBOXs…

Looks like I’ll be doing some repair work. Shouldn’t be too hard, since I’m pretty good with soldering, and have a nice small chisel tip to use for the pins.

Argh, can’t believe after getting my first dual working that I fried both of my new boards! Looks like I’m going with split ppm from now on… CANBUS serves me no benefits.

Ah crap - sorry to hear that welcome to the castrated CAN bus chip club!!

Yeah I have fairly rubbish soldering skills and no chisle tip and still managed an ok job so you should be fine!! :wink: That said I butchered the chips by chopping the legs off first (as they were dead anyway) and then tidied up the pcb after.

Good luck!


The board needs an overhaul anyways. It’s my 8 wheel setup, which needs a new deck so the motors don’t rub. Guess this will keep me off of it so I can actually focus on building it right!

That said, I do wish there was a warning on the device that says not to plug in canbus if only one ESC is plugged in…

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Just finished soldering on the new CANBUS chips. Big success! The FBs are back in action!

It wasn’t a terrifically difficult job, but I do recommend using as small an iron tip as possible, and using a magnifying glass. Even better if you have a set of binocular magnifiers.


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