Have you ever seen anyone try an eskate but not enjoy it?

I know there are people who are just haters, there always is - but have you seen anyone not like eskating even after trying to ride?

Ive never had anyone not smile but the general 2 reactions are

A- Fear

B- Love


My wife hates it. I have tried on multiple occasions, its a non starter. She cant get used to balancing, but to be honest she trips over air on a regular basis, so…


My friend tried my wowgo and instantly fell off even after multiple warnings to be “easy on the trigger”.

Fair to say he didn’t like it.

Clearly user error


I certainly hope not. Ill have over $1000 into my first build and ive never even ridden one yet :smiley:

Been kicking this tall vanguard around and loving it, but cant wait to have some power :smiley:


Did the same thing for my first build that I just finished up last week. Worth every penny. 12/10 would do it again.


GF hates it too … but likes her E-bike

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Maner my wife’s a natural born klutz too. She got on my board once while holding my hand for balance. Looked at me with pure fear and said oh no! it was hysterical

There’s a guy in baesk8 who seemed to have never enjoyed his or any other board. Opted for a scooter instead.