Having 2nd thoughts on going DIY vs Pre-Built

So I am having 2nd thoughts on going DIY vs Pre-Built even tho I already bought a board :frowning: let me know what you guys think I can find with a compromise with I am on the fence still as of now. I am 6’2" weigh 145lbs would ideally like to be able to go atleast 10-15 miles at 20mph on flat land and climb pretty decent hills.

I really want to stay with the DIY because of speed, range, and upgradeability but I also want to go with a Pre-Built because of the software, support, and re-sale value. Kinda on a tipping point atm not sure what to do :frowning:

What pre built?

all the factors you’re using to show a benefit for prebuilts you can apply to DIY. VESC software provides smooth throttle response, you are your own support, so depending on how much you’re willing to learn you’ll have lifetime warranty!, and DIY specs tend to have good resale value given they tend to go faster and further.

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Depends on your budget. Do you have enough $$ to buy complete board? I’m not a big DIY guy so I bought the Enertion Raptor (27mph & 18 miles per charge) and upgraded the wheels and other parts. Total costs came out around $1900.

Also, I don’t have the time nor skills to build my own like soldering etc. I just want to unplug and go. Admittedly though, this Raptor is kinda a DIY gateway for me because I’m learning about softwares and hardware everyday just by lurking around this forum.

Overall, compete board is not bad at all, I’d say its worth it. Just don’t buy the Chinese boards. They’re not too reliable atm.

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Well I had a boosted before and really enjoyed their customer support but the milage just wasent there for me. Maybe their v2 can fix that but there are 2 thing’s availability and their “extended battery pack” isnt out yet. I was thinking evolve but heard bad things about their remote and falling off while going fast.

Very true point but stuff I am worried about is what happens if in 3 months my battery decides to take a shit or my VESC malfunctions I will need to throw down the money to replace it at least with a pre built I get a 12 month warranty and peace of mind for that time.

Yeah possibly I have been hearing mixed reviews on the Enertion line of products hit or miss. Especially since I am in the USA I probably wont get a top notch experience.

Eh, you have to take a leap of faith my friend. There’ll be some small troubles at the beginning, just gotta have patient. My battery didn’t work broke after 30 mins of riding, so I had to send it in for repairs. That was only for 1 week. After that, everything works pretty well (touch wood). There’s the occasional belt replacement, motor mount tigethening etc, but it’s nothing 20 mins and Allen screw won’t fix. All of this was 2 mo(?) ago. No problem so far.

Besides, they have a repair agent in Florida so you’ll be ok should something major breaks.

…I think I should be a sales agent for @onloop, start getting commission on each sale :joy:

Edit: I will say though, all the major components of the Raptor is top notch, but some secondary parts (nothing major) seem subpar, like stickers falling off etc. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker though.

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Get a ollin board that’s what I would get if I hadn’t gone diy. Its pricey but chaka is a guy you can trust

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Kinda funny while you were saying that I was looking at their products haha

Yeah for sure defiantly possible

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Even with prebuilts, most warranties are only 6 months and you have to pay to ship the board in some cases (Evolve). Batteries don’t usually break for no reason, and you’re more likely to break something mechanical if you have your settings right. The quality of diy is up to you and depends on how much care and consideration you put in your board.

Like Nate said, it’s a leap of faith, but it’s much more rewarding. It’s priceless when people ask you if that’s a boosted or Evolve and you can just say “I made this”.


Yeah is there a video somewhere where it will go through the WHOLE process from mounting the motors to programming the thing?

Unfortunately there’s no one stop shop for all your needs for diy, but these threads are very helpful.

Enertion’s videos on YouTube can help you immensely on understanding and building your drive train as well.

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I’ve ridden a few Evolves now and have been impressed. Not a ton of miles on them, but swap and ride eachother’s boards type riding. Smooth and i really liked the feel of the remote.

The new Carbon GT is S E X Y ! ! ! and miles galore.

I also would suggest Ollin’s board - great range and power, while also pretty stealthy. Not the lightest though, especially compared to the raptor.

Take the dive - the DIY water is fine! (and we have cookies)

Yeah lol the Ollin board is overkill for me 10-15miles seems to be the sweet spot

With Long haired Boy you can order a custom pre-made board. Ollin may do custom boards also, I’m not sure. Diy is a time consuming hobby that requires tools, equipment, mechanical and electrical skills. If all you want to do is ride, then your better off with a pre-built LoL, I think I spend more time on the forum and working on my board than I do riding it!

In that case, on the productions boards i would go Boosted v2, Evolve, Marbel (gets a bad rap, but their customer service blows chunks for sure).

DIY’ish - LHB, Raptor, Ollin. Good entry level and you can still fix/repair anything that has issues - components and replaceable.

one thing on Ollin’s setup is his 2 year warranty! That’s pretty badass and speaks to his commitment on what he builds.

Yeah for sure haha

Yeah I am talking to a couple people again to ask a couple questions regarding DIY and parts to use and why.