Having an issue with my TB vesc

warning to those on a low budget, do not buy the torque boards VESC. Although the price point seems attractive, they do not last.

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this is wildly untrue. i guarantee you it blew because of user error. I will stand behind the TB vescs until I blow one from something other than user error.

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I really am not sure what I did wrong then, I followed all their setups perfectly

What were your settings for the vesc at?

They’re good for what they’re used for; lower voltage applications at lower current settings.

While it’s true that they aren’t the highest quality VESC out there, they are definetly worth the low price tag. I run 6S FOC Hybrid mode, and never have I burned out the VESC/DRV chip.

You just need to find what VESC suits you best, if you’re going for a 12S high amperage FOC Hybrid setup, then naturally the TB VESC wouldn’t be your best shot. Maybe a FOCBOX, or even VESC 6 is more suitable. Other than that, TB VESC is great for most ESK8 applications, espeically considering its low price point.


Tb vescs aren’t known for being the best vesc, if you look at where most of the issues are coming from vesc wise most are usually a tb vesc

Could you enter “faults” into the BLDC Tool Terminal?

What were you vesc settings? And did you tape your phase wires? Did you short your phase wires?

i am fully aware that they are not the best, imo @chaka’s vescs are the best. but they do not just blow out of nowhere.

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these are my settings

Ive fried over 6 tb vescs lol. They sure arent the best

I understand your issue as a new builder many have been in a similar predicament, but change the post to addressing what could. Have gone wrong because we don’t allow bashing on the forum. Many of his products have had issues and his customer service is not the best yet it is possible that you may have made a mistake or you might be correct and it was just a bad vesc either way just keep it civil

yeah I heat shrunk them

changed the name, sorry for seeming aggressive. Is this name better?

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I did, ended up with a DRV error on both

Excellent bro shoot us some photos of your settings and tell us how u set it up

Is this instantaneous, after motor detection, assuming you did the motor detection correctly, or did it spaz out before throwing the error? Was this on bench or in a real test scenario?

I was using a 12s LIFEPo4 battery, (10s equivillant). Erpm was limited to 60k, I have very reasonable amps setting too

Motor kv? Huh

Yeah the second one died after about two-three days of use, I was moving along uphill (not steep just a slight grade) when the motor cut out. The pushed home and got yet another drv error.