Having difficulty locating belt or chain drives for AT drive

Hi, New to the forum and a first time e skate builder. I have built fast cars and skated for years…like lots of years im 47 and live in Maine USA on an Island 8 miles offshore, so an AT or mountian board is my best choice. I have located all the parts I need on E bay, but I can not find an affordable drive system either chain or belt to customize for a 6" or 8" wheel. I plan on running a 35 V 6374 and a 10s3p battery. Also looking for a decent ESC for low money. If you guys have any good venders or have new or used parts (I love used parts) So any and all used parts are wanted for this build, let me know. Also looking for a used Trampa deck or something similar. As a finial thought who prefers 6" or 8" , air or airless tires for mostly rough road use. feel free to hit me up on e mail for parts and advice [email protected]

Alrights @captbrett, firsts piece of advice i’ll gives ya is to go to forum. and join up.

Seconds, check out dickyho. I uses his airless tires drives train and reallys enjoys it. I also has some pneumatics that rides likes a Cloud. Seriously tho, who knows when this forum will die completely, best to joins the other sites asaps