Hay I accidentally flashed the wrong firmware on my vesc.Help!

So I was trying to update my vesc and on one of them I wrote the wrong HW 48 instead of 4.12 its a vesc x. How can I fix this nothing burned I just can’t re flash anything on it. Its a vescX 4.12

I think it is alright… On the new Firmware you have to select HW48

Edit: let me just check …

really I think something is wrong. when ever I plug it in it keeps blowing fuses. I checked the other ones and they are selected as 4.12hw

Which Version of the Vesc Tool are you using?

checked the draw on a multi meter its drawing 120amps on a 10s that seems really high even my race quad doesn’t draw that much

the newest one with the wizards

well it could depend on the motor you have… but does the Focbox work, and which version of it you have (blue heatsink or Black heatshink)

the foc box/ vescx is on 4.12 harware

the one that works draws 40amps on the same motor

blue heatsyncs

Yeah… But there is 2 different Hardware 1.3 and 1.6, the difference goes with the heatsink color, but they are all base on the Vesc 4.12.

It turns on and then as soon as i use the remote it blows my 60amp fuse

it says 1.3v is that what your asking

Thank you.

Are you able to run a motor detection?

and can you post some picture of it?

Can not run anything on bldc or on the new vesc tool it says vesc too old

Weird… Have you tried the Old BLDC tool ?

yep is it currupted?

Can i send it somewhere to get it fixed or examined?

where are you located ?