Hay I accidentally flashed the wrong firmware on my vesc.Help!

california USA

I’ve sent you a private message.


if im not wrong you have to flash it with an ST-Link, I think it was already discussed in the main VESC/BLDC-Tool thread

Thanks for the replay but I sent it over to johnnymeduse I think there may be more wrong then I know about.

Sounds like the bootloader is fucked. Get an ST-Link and some jumper wires.

Here’s a pretty easy guide how to do it. Good luck.


Hey guys,


i flashed the wrong FW on my FocBox (HW 48). I bought the ST-Link. Downloaded the Bootloader. Put it on the Vesc via the ST-LINK Utility.

But, the FocBox still shows me the wrong FW:

The only option i have is the wrong HW Version…what can i do?? :cry:

I’m not sure you have to flash the focbox FW dont quote me but it is my understanding that they come pre tested and you shouldn’t have to flash the FW

i drove it for a year and wanted to update it… unfortunatly i choosed the wrong HW version

Yeah I’m not sure how you would getting it to work try PM @JohnnyMeduse or @PredatorBoards

Click on Show non-default firmwares and see if you can pick out the right firmware version.

Its not showing another Hardware Version…

How should it look like after i flashed the vesc with the ST-LINK?

Flash the entire firmware bin with stlink instead of just the bootloader. Thats why i did. I got the firmware from the bldc tools program files directory. Then after i fired up vesc tool and it updated to the latest.

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Thanks! Where do i get the bin from???

I said where :laughing: i grabbed it from the bldc tool.

:laughing: facepalm! ok, but it didnt came with my version but i got from sombody.

Thanks man!

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