HAYA | 12s4p | Dual VESC6+ | 12Fifties | First build | 6374

Hello everyone ! I have been thinking of a a build for a long time and while doing some research i got inspired by @sofu Haya build, so decided to go with something similar.

I have a pretty good feeling of the parts i want to use but please; throw your thoughts out and point out problems !

Lets start with the battery. I’m gonna make my own wiring/spot welding and 3d print spacers for the haya deck. I think i have decided for a 12s4p with 3000mah Samsung 30Q 15A cells. So 60A output. More on the battery when the parts have arrived.

Deck - Haya original second round

BMS - Bestech 12s 80a HCX-D596

VESC6 - Since im in the EU and i want to support Benjamin i have decided to go for Dual VESC6 from Trampaboards.

Trucks - 12Fifties Concerned about axle thickness; will it fit standard wheels ?

Motor mounts + more - Dual motor mounts + more

Remote im really interested in Trampaboards new NRF remote, if it starts selling soon. @trampa might know ?

Motors - SK3 190kv 6374

My concern regarding theese motors though; not sensored nor sealed … Feels like they are destined to fail. Other motor i like Eskating 190kv sealed and sensored But more expensive.

If you know where i can get cheaper alternatives in the EU im open for suggestions. I do want quality parts though.

So what do you guys think ? except wear a helmet hehe.

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T}ese are kind of big. Make sure they fit with space for all the jst connections.

Heh you’ll find many things wear out or break on an electric skateboard. Sk3 have a decent reputation for toughness, as good as any. Not having sensors helps with less stuff to go wrong. Might want to do the silicone wire mod.

Alright, thanks for the input !

Well huge update incoming, only thing now is wait for something to break so I can make it better. And do alot of coding on the remote side.

Had to do spot welding in a 30°C+ garbage room since I was I need of that 3phase…

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