HAYA Integrated Deck - HB83 Prototype - Stealthy commuter build | 10S1-4P Samsung Q30 modular battery pack | 90mm white ABEC clones or cheep Hub motors | FeatherRemote

Hey guys! I am here in the forum since a while and have already builded two boards. Now i ll share my build for the first time and take u to the journey making the HAYA Short board to a real commuter.

What components do we have…

  • HAYA HB83 Short board - LINK the awesome work from @bevilacqua and his father

  • Caliber 50 II trucks

  • White cheap China wheels - LINK I just ordered them because i want never tried out some super cheap china wheels… I am impressed. They are looking quite nice. Feel really soft… very close to the original ABEC11 SuperFly 97mm, but in 90mm and a little bit wider… And maybe because i really want some white wheels on this build - There a change i ll never use them because i try out some hub motors… see next:

  • Drive train - here is the big change for me. On my other builds i used some basic Motor/Pulley combination. Now i want to use some cheep hub motors, just for science… I love the fact, that the Hub motor are super silent and look awesome clean. I am not that guy who need a ton of torque or speed. I am happy with 35km/h and have no problem to push from 0 to 10km/h. I bought some used MEEPO hubs with trucks here in the forum. If i am totally unhappy with them, i ll got for some small dual 5055 outrunners… I ordered already some @Boardnamics motor mounts. thx to @Tinp123

  • I ll go for a Focbox unity - if i find a payable here in EU. For now i stay with a FSESC6.6 and an FocBox in CAN mode

  • Samsung Q30 - good solid 18650 batteries. I ll go for a custom designed NESE style module. The module will hold 10S4P max, but i ll just fill it to 10S3P (or maybe 10S2P) because of the weight. On the super cheep hub motors i dont need a lot of current anyway.

  • FeatherRemote LINK I am not sure if i ll add the extension module here with head and break light… difficult in Germany if your regular longboard has lights… the police could believe its electric driven… disgusting!

  • AntiSpark from https://antisparkheaven.bigcartel.com/ from @goldenHusky

  • Grip tape - absolutely not sure what i ll do here… maybe i ll keep it blank as it is… maybe i ll add some laser cutted grip tape… any inspiration?

Here is a short comparision between the original Haya HB92 and the Short board. The 10S4P modular pack fit in nicely with enough space for all the other components.


Thx guys! Keep calm and eat burgers.


Looking good it’s posts like this that spur me on to do my own build Keep up the great work

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Nice thing you got there ! Would advice you to go for a 10s3p, if you go for a 2p you will have to stop riding too soon ! I would personally go for a 4p, like it is made for, but for a commuter weight is important so 3p is fine

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Once you get the pococa let me know if the clone wheels and abec feels as soft (2 fingers squizing test) as popoca. Because either you found the Saint graal of the clone wheels or you never tried to squeeze a popoca wheel :grin:


I have popoca too. they are very nice


Super cool setup, can’t wait to see this rolling ! When did you get the rear drive ?

Thats not fair, now I would like to get another little hub cruiser again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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How is the unity going to fit in there?Just preordered one of these decks and want to know.

Fit perfect inside… with the unity u can go easy 11S4P or more. I can show u a picture tomorrow…

Progress today: image image image

Printed the new battery module. Looks nice and fits good. I also printed also the press modules for the nickel strips. Works great. Unfortunately I got to less nickel to make a real test. I should get it tomorrow or the day after.


erm, okay



Whats going on with u man? :rofl:

Cool, shake your button maker, in a vice or with bolts to make the dimples? I did similar image

I kinda like letting the NESE do it’s thing, good job on the DIY

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I just put them carefully betwenn some pliers. I just printed it with 3 outlines and 20% infill… will work if u are carefully. For the final version i ll go much stronger and it will last forever.

Thx man! I ll release the files as soon as i took the first test ride…

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Some updates…

Hub Motors: Hub motors are installed… the cross section of the motor wires is scary… really scary… so thin… but the motors can’t go crazy anywhere. The are quite heavy too… this are my first Hub motors, so I don’t have something to compare.

Battery modules: The modules are printed and ready to for the first fit. Looks nice! Unfortunate the nickel strips did not show up. Maybe tomorrow… would be nice to finish the battery modules!

Main power wiring: Finished the main wiring of the Anti-Spark switch to the Focbox and FSESC 6.6. This build screams for a Foxbox Unity or at least for a dual FSESC4.12 DUAL PLUS… Maybe I ll go for this in a later upgrade.

IMG_9865 IMG_9872 IMG_9871


I have using these hub motors for over 800km. Really strong and cheap one. I painted the front metal part black. It gives you more torque is known :grin: and makes them look better. They are rather slow at 10s since they are usually 60Kv in reality but the torque is really nice. They will bring you some decent hills. They became really fun at 12s.


Looking great :slight_smile: You’ll have fun with these, torque and stealth is more important than speed in germany :smiley: Nonetheless: It won’t hurt if you fakepush randomly :slight_smile:


Yeah, fake pushing is a good trick that works fine here in germany. It became second nature for me when i see cops hahahahaha. Thats one point why I prefer hubs here.


Haha true… I have to lern this :joy:

@rey8801 @visnu777 thx for that words! All people are just hating these cheep hubs, but I think they are reliable… The first class hubs are hard to get and expensive. Later I definitely one some of these! But for know I think the cheep ones are fine.

Printing now a raiser to store the charge and power button… we ll see if it fits! Riser_Pad_front_2019-Mar-09_02-14-57PM-000_CustomizedView21152626265

then I have to pick up the nickel strips for my NESE modules. The rest is nearly done. Looking forward to test this piece of art!

I really like the anti sparks from @goldenHusky ! They look rock solid. I also like how he implemented the fuse. Nice work! Nice and flat…



I made the final wiring for the battery modules…

looks good so far. All screws are tighten and sealed with Loctite 243 (i love loctite…). I just have shorten the balcance wires and crimp them.

Then i ll charge up the batteries for the first time!



Did some nice test runs today… Board is short and nice balanced! We love it! Unfortunately one Focbox died after we updated to the newest firmware (just the blue light is on… but we cannot connect ti via VESC TOOL), but I replaced it for now with an old FSESC 4.12. Runs quite stable for now.

I love how clean the board looks. Very stealthy. The Hubs perform very well. Smooth and more powerful then expected! Lets see how good they are after a few 100km :slight_smile:

e12ccfca-06ee-476a-a0ba-2c23882eca8a 11fbd2b2-aaaa-4405-8215-d54e3017a43b 6089e590-5374-47f6-88ef-63d62c47a9c8


Is anyone going to make a 3d printed kicktail for this deck? Soemthing to rest fore foot on would be really cool

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