Headlight + LED Strips + Battery (Separate or Converting from Main?)

I want to wire a headlight and LED strips for (k)night riding.

As discussed in:


I will be using the “Winning” Remote to turn on/off.

I have been scouring through the forums and internet to find out what Headlight, LEDs, controller and battery to use.

What are you guys using? I would want a 12 V battery, LEDs and Headlight. More brightness the better. All the batteries suggested are SLA, and… NO!

Thank you guys for the suggestions!

I’m using these on my current build. They are 5v and brighter than I thought they would be. Working brake lights are cool!! Price is right too.


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are you using this with a Vesc ? If so how did you wire it exactly ? If your not using a Vesc how did you wire it exactly ? Working brake lights would be great as i mostly ride at night. Thanks.

It has two plugs a male and a female. Plug your esc into the female and the male into the receiver. I’m using TB’s 12s esc. I’m staying away from the vesc until it has a few more notches in its belt. Not from people cracking their heads either.

P.S. I’m using an external bec. I don’t normally use built in bec’s.

Like this, accept one of the connectors is going to the lights power module ?

Where did you get that connector

This is the exact connector.

How do you power the led strips?

That’s great. I’m going to try it out.

Good luck @themegak. @Carvin_Ginger it either gets powered through your esc’s built in bec or from an external bec through the receiver. I have not road tested this yet but it works on the bench.