Headroom on 18650s?

I was thinking of making a li-ion pack for a lighter, smaller board. I was going to go with a single motor 190kV on 10S and was wondering what kind of headroom I should be building the pack for in terms of amp draw.

If I built a 10S2P with samsung 30Qs, I’d have more than enough range, and I’ve heard their good for 20A. Would I be able to set my batt max to 40A and maintain longevity? Or is it healthier for the cells to set it lower?

Most places claim 15a so I would start with 30a and see how it goes. With a single motor you should only be drawing 5-10 amps anyway so it shouldn’t be much of a worry uneless there are lots of hills

Healthier to set it lower, but you can set to 40A and just ride in a reasonable way. This way you can maintain low draw via your riding habits while having the ability to use the full power of your board on demand.

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How would a 8s3p vs 8s4p be ? Will the power be the same, range is already to much

Do you want to set your battery max with a BMS or a VESC?

You’d just have less voltage sag, and the ability to deliver more amps…