Heat-shrink tubing sizing

Hello guys, I’d like build a datasheet to find the correct heatshrink tubing size for a given number of 18650 cells and silicone wire, hope you guys can help me out, this would be a great source for new/old members to avoid mistakes when ordering online stuff from China.

Silicone wire gauge vs heat shrink tubing size 22AWG - 1mm 20AWG - ? 18AWG 16AWG 14AWG 12AWG - 5mm 10AWG - 6mm

18650 cell count vs heat shrink tubing size 1 cell = 29.5mm flat / Φ18.5mm in round 2 cell = 59mm flat / Φ38mm in round 3 cell = 88.5mm flat / Φ56mm in round 4 cell = 118mm flat / Φ75mm in round 5 cell = 147.5mm flat / Φ94mm in round 6 cell = 177mm flat / Φ113mm in round 7 cell = 206.5mm flat / Φ131mm in round 8 cell = 236mm flat / Φ150mm in round 9 cell = 265.5mm flat / Φ169mm in round 10 cell = 295mm flat / Φ188mm in round

Could someone double check my calculations?

I’d like to choose the diameter in round with available commercial sizes


Heatshrink usually shrinks in half (2:1) So I would go around 1.5:1 ratio