Heat sinking Focboxes

The best thing when it was 2ºC outside max temp of mosfets were 38ºC at 130A :thinking: So at winter I can probably amp up some more current

Everything depends on airflow and how fast you can cool it down… If it was water cooling with decent radiator I could guarantee 200a would be flawless :smiley:

Regarding heatsink I suggest to sand off the surfaces to remove anything what could increase thermal resistance, and mount focbox on it or there is another way. cut out small rectangular piece of aluminium like a in original case to lift up because 5mm thermalpad will like air cooling…

P.S. Don’t forget this mosfet package can’t run without heatsink as it doesn’t have any thermal mass


Try get some thermal paste that’s non conductive.

And shh man drill the holes and sell these babys for 50 bucks a pop :wink:

It doesn’t matter if the thermal paste is conductive or not if I apply that just between the stock sink and my sink :wink:

Mistakes can happen I’ve heard of people by mistake sploshing thermal paste all over there motherboards.

It just gives me some peace at mind for me.

Once again you have me baffled.