Heatsink on Focbox

Has anyone added extra heatsinks to their focbox. I notice I can hit 80 c pretty quick while going up hill on a 6374 motor. Was thinking of adding an aluminum plate on my enclosure and expose it to the outside air while attaching the focboc on the inside. That way it will get airflow to the heatsink .

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Can I suggest that you also add some thermal paste between your alu plate and your Focbox housing ? Flat alu surfaces are not regular despite what you can see and feel with the finger. It will help make it even and tremendously improve thermal transfer from ESC to the exterior plate.

With proper airflow (check your gearing and voltage) you should not trigger overheat cuts anymore.


Yess I will put thermal paste between the plate and the focbox housing . The idea would seem to give try focbox much better cooling

I Check out my heatsink design, just completed it the other day but have yet to put it on my board. Two foc boxes screw on to a 1/8 inch piece of aluminum with an attached 1/2 inch thick aluminum heatsink. Then this is mounted on a heat exchange box that scoops cold air in (with aid of a blower fan output on the other side) allowing it to be water and dust tight, and effective at cooling 2 focboxes. If you want the files for any of it just lemme know!

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You might as well just buy a low profile cpu cooler and put that on it. here a link https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAADY4B02495&cm_re=low_profile_cpu_cooler--35-608-029--Product

I had to make Work into my design, how it pulls Air from under the board and directs it to the heat sink. I could of probably accomplished the same with the cpu heat sink but I would have to modify it for better airflow

Oh wow neato. Gonna so something like yours then and maybe is CPU heatsink instead