Heavy guy`s uphill longboard

Hey guys, i use to ride longboards for a long time, but i moved to Malta a few years ago and since then i have been using it with less frequency because here you have a lot of high hills.

i have my longboard that i love and would like to convert it on eletrical but my biggest doubt is what kind of motor configuration should i use, and the size of.

I have arround 95kg (200pounds±) and i woud like to go uphills with a 20miles range,

by the way, im not a speed guy, just want to change from cars and bikes in some sunny days (almost everyday in the year) to go to work and come back.

thanks in advance!!

Its possible, it just depends on your budget

i was thinking arroung 400 euros… but a bit less is aways good or a bit more is not a big issue… after all i dont need to buy all at once…

Definitely depends on your budget. I’ve spent about about $1100, but I did the “do literally everything on your own” route so I could learn a bunch (some of that was also me frying things and having to reorder them, so totally my bad). So I did almost all of my own machining (all the mechanical components except the motor pulley, bolts, and trucks), soldering (VESC, 104p 25R pack, and NRF remote),

Now I’m currently about 210 (maybe 220 with my books) and my board can eat any hill I’ve thrown at it without blinking.

It’s hard to find what your looking for with that budget. The best you could probably get with that is about 5 mile range and 12-14 mph. Not to mention you would probably be forced to go with an ESC instead of VESC. If you add a bit more to the budget, you could probably get a better motor with more torque, and maybe even a VESC, which would help you customize add convert some speed to torque.

It depends how serious the hills are. but to get that kind of range at your size probably need at least 600. and that is cutting close!

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If you’re willing to bump up your budget, I found this $599 (£560) board. It claims 28kph (17mph) depending on weight, 25 degree hill climb, 16km (10miles) range, and 100kg (220lbs) max weight. Clearly, it’s not going to get up to any of those stats at that price, so I would guess 20kph (12mph), 15-20 degree hill climb, 9km (5.6miles) range, and probably still around 100kg (220lbs) max weight. Here it is: https://www.amazon.com/Electric-Skateboard-Wireless-Controller-warehouse/dp/B01KL7A39Y/ref=pd_lpo_468_tr_t_3?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=Y89N23MMEJZ5NS1QAMNM

What you want is what a lot of us want. Unfortunatly, it costs money to go up hills and do long range when your heavy. I live is San Francisco, and the only way I could get enough torque to carry my 200 lb ass up hills with hubs is with 4wd. A 2wd belt drive diagonal config would save you money and you could get about the same results (so will hummies new hub motors). But you’ll need $300-$400 in batteries alone. I spent about $1800 on my 4wd board. I only get 5-6 miles (mostly due cell sagging, and inefficient motors, I should be able to get at least twice that), but I can plow up any hill, and I mean, any hill at speeds above 20 mph. And it’s just enough to get me 5 miles (city miles at that) in under 16 minutes.

I have no problem to increase the budget… as i said, im not in a hurry. I’ve watch on youtube that the best configuration would be 2 motors diagonal… but i dont know each motor to use… maybe 2 of 190kws? The range i need is about 12km, but for confirt i would like at least a bit more. Torque and range are priorits, speed not that much

What would you ideal top speed be?

If your ok with 14 mph for example, you can get some crazy torque. With gearing and lower kv motors, you can get a lot of torque. But you’ll kill your top speed.

On a budget, I would recommend dual diag with lipos. Otherwise, I love my 4wd hubs :stuck_out_tongue: But like I said before, the price can get up there.

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When I subscribed this forum I had the same idea, build an e-board with 20 miles range, hill climber, 35km/hr top speed and, of course, US$ 500 tops.

Boy I was wrong, with that budget and many, I mean many, hours of research I was able to put together only a 8 mile range, used board, with single motor, slow acceleration, ready-to-burn electronics and shitty chinese wheels. I’d suggest to get a higher budget and build a reliable and good e-Board that won’t break soon, it’ll be cheaper at the long run

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i think 18/20mph is enough… about the battery, im a (was) a vape guy, i was thinking maybe to builld the cells with 18650 bat. (i have a friend thats is able to do it for me, my longboard is pintail 132cm with a lot of room for the cells. any recomendation? about the budget it can be increased…

the mileage arround 10 miles is ok, as i said before, 20 miles would be the ideal, but if is not pratical, let it be… im used with km and kg =)

Check my build log.

You could run dual rear 6355 motors with a custom 10S2P battery with 18650 cells, a pulley kit + motor mounts from @jlabs group buy, the expensive part would be the VESCs, as you will need two, one for each motor.

That’s like 800 bucks so far

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What type of hills are you planning on? Dual 6356 should get you up most hills. I’m 95kg and I’ve gotten hills on two 6355. A single 6374 would work but depending on how big the hills are.

arround 200m in a 25 dregree

I can’t confirm but I believe that dual 6355 would work. To ne safe you could go dual 6374 diagonal drive. Only problem is price. One think I learnt is not to cheap out. If possible save up for a good reliable board

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