Hei, need help finding a 8000mAh LiPo cell for Chinese clone (LecDec)

A cell got pierced on the battery, blew the magic smoke right out. but I now have real trouble finding a new cell for that battery - the Only real figure I have so far seen is a archieved picture in Google search that showed it used to be on Aliexpress, but nothing else…

All the other 8000mAh are either 1 or 2C, really out of my measurements, or Alibaba henchmen ask ridiculous prices for samples…, I Could lie to them like 'I future buy 5000 pieces, send me 1 plz" but neyy, don’t want to do that

Could I parallel two 4000mAh instead? Would it work? I intend to gift this board away and I don’t want to carry a burden it might toss off at someone’s house<:/

Here’s a pic of the measurements: By the look of it, HobbyKing 5000mAh was Exact mach on a computer screen, thinking the LecDec manual was full of marketing crap but turns out they do must be real 8000mAh ones

E:btw why is that HobbyKing has SO little inf on their webpage about their products? 5 beers down the drain again… might as well pop it, make a show for kids on the street

available in 2S, 3S, 4S, 6S

All those cells look like they need to be replaced

How do u put on ur board? bare like that?

It’s typical eboard build with deck and abs enclosure for the guts

They’re maybe on their 100th charge - in their late teens, but they’re sure beat up due to tolerance issues where the battery sit in with all the rocks and road debris

+17€ for shipping that’s 50€ for a new cell… :weary: I remember the new battery for the board being like 200€ after that many greedy salesmen, but now only crickets. I’ll see, maybe gonna get some reasonable quotes from alibaba suppliers:P

E: It would be awesome if this forum would have like reddit type formation, you don’t have to wear out the scroll wheel on 200+ reply topics or so :relaxed::