Helical gear drive sell

for a long time I tried to test and modify my drives, tried to make the most delicious price, while not yielding in quality. and finally I think I managed to make decent options. I think it will interest you. oblique tooth gear to choose from: 12:44 - 3.66 (preferred wheals size 175mm) 11:44 - 4.0 (preferred wheals size 200mm) 10:44 - 4.4 (preferred wheals size 200mm) 9:44 - 4.88 (preferred wheals size 175mm)

motor mounting plate - 5 mm carbon casing - abs plastic back plate - 1 mm stainless steel carbon plate protection - 3 mm stainless steel. drive gear - steel driven gear - Pom white suitable for hubs - trampa hypa, superstar, megastar, mbs rockstar, primo 5, primo 3 200$ + ship ! image|666x500




Nice. Do you have website ?

Only for trampa trucks? Would these work for mbs matrix trucks?

Need cnc washer pad, can you do it yourself?for matrix trucks

community on vk.com and instagram

How can I buy this?

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Up, in stock for trampa trucks and mbs matrix 2

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Still contactable through whatsapp ?

Yes, +79529926597


Hi, Is the $200 + S&H for each unit or a set of two,please? Thanks.

best to whatsapp the guy. number above

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