Hello E-Board World!

Hi folks!

So 2 weeks ago I had my eyes opened up to the world of electric skateboards and it’s mind blowing!!! To think I can build a board that can roll up hills is just incredible. I’ve looked around at everything on the market but having been inspired by the 'Electric Skateboard Builder’s YouTube channel I’m gonna build my own masterpiece! I’ve just ordered the Enertion mono kit and now I’m on the hunt for a deck and electronics. Woohoo!!!


Cool… Congratulations about moving forward with your first eboard! I hope you get as addicted as others here, lol… that you’ve got to think about improving or making modifications to your board early in the morning and also late at the evening haha :smiley:

HI man I am also kind of new her on the forum and to the esk8 world. really nice to see you already ordered your first parts! A quick tip is to look around her on the forum, ther is tons of great info. It can help a lot but it can also make decisions really hard hehe, have bin so close to order all of my parts 2 times now but the more research you do her on the forum the better your board will be.

don’t be afraid to ask some of the veterans her on the forum they are usually glad to help :slight_smile:

@Okami :point_up: for example have helped me a lot and the veterans her can really help you make your board as good as it ever could be!

Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I have to admit I’ve been researching obsessively over the last 2 weeks before deciding to build my own and I can’t wait to learn all about the electrical side of things. I build Electric guitars in my spare time so i can use a soldering iron and I’m pretty good with wood but other than that I’m still very green! I’ll defo been reading as many threads as i can to get clue’d up!

Found an interesting option for a deck - has anyone ever come across AWOL before:


Has the shape I’m after but seems too cheap!! I don’t want to splash out too hard on my first board as I’m sure I’ll make plenty of mistakes but I also don’t want to end up with a lifeless ride either.

Would I be better starting new posts for specific questions on brands/gear do you reckon?

Thanks guys!! :smiley:

great! :+1:

That is the biggest problem haha, you really get obsessed. ( I have done obsessive research for about a mount now)

what di you have pplaned for the build? 6s,8s,10s, batteries what mah? bms / no bms ? myself and probably others are curious and willing to help

Crikey - that’s an area i really need to research. No idea yet. I’m currently trying to raise some funds on Gumtree by selling one of my old kiteboards and a freebord so i can fund the project. Once they sell I’ll hopefully be a bit more knowledgeable :wink:

I’m probably gonna get the deck first and install the trucks to get a feel for the ride and then look to add the horse power after!

what is your budget ?

if you haven’t already read this http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/start-here-faq-for-diy-electric-skateboard-builders/215

Thanks Malm. I’ve started on these but I’ll make sure I read them all. Budget for my first board is around $600-$700 AUD, so I’m going mono to keep the VESC cost down a bit. Of course I could be persuaded to spend a little more if needed :wink: