Hello world - what other sites do you read / use / lurk?

Just saw a screen grab from @Photorph of a thread on Reddit and it struck me that although ES is pretty quiet / bike focused, there may actually be other sites out there… I’ve never really gotten into Reddit cos meh, but rant can’t be the only one?

So which other sites do you frequent, and how would you rank them?

Which Twitter / Insta / social accounts do you follow?

I know there is esk8.fr that is pretty popular with the french

endless sphere and reddit and this forum for me. I follow all the major esk8 brands, and esk8.fr, and all the DIY vendors on instagram.

Instagram is a nice idea. I just followed chaka, lbh and enertion. Who else do you follow?

some of the commercial companies, inboard, boosted, evolve, mellow, etc.

I follow pretty much everyone on this forum who has instagram + longboard companies + esk8 companies. I lurk on this forum, signed up for rcgroups, and was active on ES until this forum came out. Now I rarely go on it.