Hellray / Esk8.de VESC seems dead on arrival

It is as the title says.

I have followed every instruction to the letter but these things have never shown any sign of life at all. I read that there’s supposed to be some LED light showing it is getting power, I have never seen as much as a flash. Connecting it to 13 different USB ports, and 4 power supplies hasn’t made a difference. I am at a loss for what to do. They took so long to get here, so much money and now this.

What power supplies have you connected to it? @elkick can assist.

They are all controllable lab power supply’s, it was more to test is something was wrong with one of them.

EDIT: After that didn’t work we tries 2 different LiPo packs, didn’t change a thing.

So you said you only get as much as a flash? Can you elaborate on that? If for example you give it a voltage out of the range set in your settings, it will flash red. If everything’s good, you’ll get a steady blue and green light.

Pictures are also useful, as close up and detailed as possible. Sometimes, it’s easy to see a problem on the pcbs and/or components. One of the vesc wizards on here might spot something.

Have you tried connecting to a computer via the usb port?

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Hey thx for trying to help. I actually said I have NOT seen anything at all from the LED’s So I guess I can’t answer that. Furthermore, as My computer isn’t finding it, nor is my brothers, or either of our laptops, there is no range in the settings. I will update with pictures as soon as I get home again.

Every single VESC we are sending out its tested under load by myself. I’m sorry you’re not getting it to work, please send them back and I refund you your payment as long as the are not damaged by a short .

I will be in Germany tomorrow, so I will mail them from there. I really hope this can be resolved easily for both parties.