Helmet chin straps

I see a fair amount of folks have helmeted up. To those rocking TSG downhill helmets and similar ones with the double D ring chin straps, here are the instructions for proper use (I had to dig around for mine)

I decided to stop being a hypocrite and candidate for worst doctor ever and wear my damn helmet every time, all the time. I even had the good fortune to drunk bid and win a NIB carbon fiber TSG helmet for 200$ on eBay… two years ago. haven’t worn it…yet.

I’m not an engineer and can’t argue with authority on which VESC is the best VESC or which urethane Jesus would approve of, but I like to think I’m a medical authority. Also as a former Marine, and now a doctor for them and their endless shenanigans, I need to add, WEAR your goddamn chin strap CORRECTLY.

I seen a bit of trauma here and there - shoes fly off, joints contort, and helmets go sailing if not secured correctly. You can’t walk off a TBI. And at the extreme end of injuries that don’t kill you, there are worse things than death. (Insert plug for filling out your Living Will).

I know there are some hardcore “live free or die” guys/gals with a fatalistic view on injuries/safety. I would just like to contribute to the chorus of voices already on this forum and advocate safety, trust me… I’m a Doctor :man_health_worker: :call_me_hand::sunglasses:.

…now for knee/elbow pads. I Should probably get a more comfortable pair than these issues ones from Uncle Sam.


I snorted when I read that, my wife is looking at me funny :grinning:


I was wearing a full face helmet and I was still out cold for five minutes.

I got a free helicopter ride to the hospital,. They laughed when I told them I fly helicopters…

Also check out Leatt. They make some nice knee/shin guards. Been life savers on dirt bike.


As someone who wears gloves, I always have an issue with the strap/D ring.

For anyone as lazy as me, get this:

Also that videographer for Enertion seems to ride like this often.


Usually people think they don’t need a helmet… unti lthey have had a bad enough accident to jolt some sense into them and even then it might be too late at that point. My face was already saved once by my TSG pass and have gotten pads after that. The problem of not wearing a helmet is that the longer it goes on without accidents, the more it boldens the user to continue: “Well nothing bad has happened yet, so why would it this time?”.

Gave my helmet some new paint when starting the new Esk8 season this spring


I know most DOT helmets have a 1 time crash clause on them…I guess since this look more of a face slide the helmet is still good?

I have a helmet that uses the double d ring closure. I never take it apart I just make it all the way loose then slide my head out.

My passes would rip off my snouzer if I didn’t unbuckle it

It has to do with the foam inside the helmet. Once helmet foam takes an impact it doesn’t go back to the same shape as well as the same properties for protecting your head in another crash. My foam insert split a bunch of ways from my helmet impact. Same if you drop a helmet. It’s no longer the same. If you truly scraped your helmet across the ground with little to no impact that’s different.

Yeah. My big nose barely fits.

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Since i’m a lazy ass i simply use a magnetic one that you could secure with your hands tied behind your back.

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I usually just stop at step 3 and clip it there, it’s how I’ve always worn helmets with this type of strap. I wonder if that’s secure enough or will I have to remember to do it this way every time.

I was thinking about that Fidlock buckle…just didn’t what to cut or sew the original strap. They do work great thought

I ordered a set if laser magnetic buckles, should be here today. I’ll post when I get a chance to test them.

I like my metal double D ring buckles. I wouldn’t swap my pass buckles, 1 because they are riveted, 2 because I don’t trust plastic to keep the lid on my head. Plastic breaks down over years with organics like skin oils.

I’ll stick to what comes on the passes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can respect that.

I was dying from heat in my gear yesterday when I finished my ride. Always frustrating getting the strap through the D rings with gloves on. My personally problem is that I wear my wrist guards over my gloves. So I have to take 4 things off before the helmet comes off.

The new clasp I put on (not the magnetic one) made it so I can take off the helmet first. It requires no cutting or sewing. Good note on the plastic aging, mine is technically metal on metal locking but there is a plastic clip that holds it all together.

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Me too it was like 93F out and 76%RH. I just skated faster for more breeze haha. Although it doesn’t help much… Felt like skating through liquid

Yeah. Moving ain’t bad but once the ride ends it’s like image

Mine looks like this installed.