Helmet Guide: These 70 Skate/Bicycle Helmets Have the Best Impact Ratings

The following skate and bicycle helmets are the only models that have additional impact certifications beyond the legal minimum to be sold in the United States as bicycle helmets (the CPSC test standard). There aren’t many: 70 helmets from 25 brands. These are from the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute’s lists from 2018 through 2016. If any helmet is not listed here, including many popular helmets, to the best of my knowledge it does NOT have that certification.

Downhill Bicycle Certified and Skate Certified - Full Face with Face Shield: Triple 8: Racer Zero Gravity Skate: Vector M-5, Vector M-6

Downhill Bicycle Certified - Full Face with Face Shield: TSG: Pro Pass, Pass

Downhill Bicycle Certified - Full Face without Face Shield: 6D: ATB-1 2017 100%: Aircraft (MIPS) Bell: Super DH (MIPS and removable chin bar), Full 9, Transfer 9 Giro: Switchblade MIPS (removable chin bar), Disciple MIPS, Xult, Xact, Cypher (2016) Lazer: Revolution FF (removable chin bar) (not Revolution) Bluegrass Eagle: Brave, Intox Fly: Werx Ultra Kali: Savara Leatt: DBX 6.0 Composite (Leatt also publishes independent test data) MET: Parachute O’Neal: Warp POC: Coron Shred: Brain Box Specialized: Dissident THE Industries: T3 Shield, T3 Carbon (2016) Triple 8: Invader Troy Lee Designs: D2, D3, D3 Carbon MIPS TSG: Advance, Advance Carbon

Skate Certified and CPSC Bicycle Certified - Full Face with Face Shield: S-One: Lifer Full Face

Skate Certified and CPSC Bicycle Certified - Half Shell: helmets.org/dualcert Triple 8: Gotham MIPS, Gotham, Brainsaver Dual Certified, THE Certified Sweatsaver, Dual Certified MIPS, Dual Certified, Mike Valley Dual Certified, Little Tricky, Lil 8 Bell: Local, Trans, Surge, Exodus, Shield, Maniac, Psycho, Injector, Bike Candy, Segment, Full Flex, Reflex, Ramble full face for kids POC: Receptor + Shred: Bumper Light Vigor Sports: Audio (speakers in helmet) American Safety: ASHP Safeguard 11 Top Gear Helmets R Us: Model 18, Model 38 S-One: Lifer, Kid Nutcase: Street, Little Nutty Punisher: Pro Series Neon Pro-Tec: Full Cut, Classic (NOT “Classic Skate” or “Classic Full Cut Skate”)

Here’s a quick comparison chart of different test standards: https://helmets.org/stdcompsum.pdf Snow impact tests on curbs are not as fast as the basic CPSC standard; any helmet with the snow impact rating alone cannot legally be sold as a bicycle helmet in the US. DOT-certified motorcycle helmets are tested at faster impacts but would likely weigh more. The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute argues that rating is better: https://helmets.org/powered.htm

If you have more certified helmets to include, please share!

Please consider the impact performance data when deciding which helmet to wear.


Interesting how tsg pass, one of the most hyped helmets on here, doesn’t have the downhill skate cert :open_mouth:

OP hasn’t really supplied enough information in his synopsis for it to be useful IMHO.

The downhill MBR F1952 exceeds all other tests for single impact velocities, including the EN1078 bicycle/skate standard. Although interestingly the F1942 Skate standard requires 2 impacts at ~1/3 less velocity.

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There’s no “downhill skate” certification. I’m referring to two separate test methods: ASTM F1952 Downhill Mountain Bicycle, and ASTM F1492 Skate. Sorry for the confusion.

TSG Pass is EN 1078 and ASTM F1952 certified

EN 1078 is european certification and ASTM is MTB certification