Helmet Suggestions for 30+ mph in So Cal

Hey all,

I just recently had a crash from speed wobbles at 30 mph. I was only wearing my TSG evolution helmet and some gloves with some wrist protection. My helmet saved my life, and the wrist protection and gloves saved my hands & wrists.

My face and knees were untouched, but I wish I was wearing my armored jacket, the road rash is definitely a pain, but nothing that bad; I’m half way healed after a week.

I have to get a new helmet, and I was wondering if it was worth upgrading to a TSG pass, or if I should go for something like a Triple Eight MIPS helmet with some sunglasses (for my eyes). I live in so cal, so I have to consider the heat.

Triple8 Mips Helmet TSG Pass Helmet

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Im from SD originally but live in nyc area now… I was fine all summer…in real heat…with humidity… With a pass. Closing the lid can get hot sure but I kept it up mostly…if you were lot’s of day riding in heat id say just pull the visor for the hottest months and wear sunglasses…

Glad you’re OK! Falling at 30mph sounds scary af. But dude, for the love of skatan get a full face helmet! I don’t really think “normal” type of helmets are sufficient when you’re riding at those speeds.

As for the TSG Pass, I haven’t really tried other “full-faces” but it seems to be very popular among the comunity and I can only speak well of it. I slammed the back of my head pretty hard when my old deck snapped and I’m pretty sure I would have been at least blind without it. The sun-visor (or whatever it’s called) is really nice for sunny days, also got vents to keep you cool on hot days. I live in Sweden though so conditions are probably not comparable :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright thanks for the tips on the heat

Falling was pretty scary, but it actually wasnt the worst thing. What is the real advantage of the full face, other than the fact that you cant turn your face into a meat grinder?

Hi, I’ve received my new board a few days ago the new and amazing LaCroix Nazare. So as I was unable to wait to get new protection, I did it with my old one, but the first thing I will do next week will to buy a high-end helmet, as this board is an amazing power engine.

So after many videos, reads, forums, my short list is: Specialized Ambush with ANGi, Full-Face Downhill Bike Helmet, Bell Super DH MIPS, Bell Full-9.

(This list is not orderged). All of them are from mountain bike or dh bike universe and are certified, Most of them are Mips V2 (spherical) 2 are fullface, one is hybrid and another one is a standard helmet.

Yesterday I’ve discovered a web site which also is going into the same selection: https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/t/biking-helmets

get a demon podium its one of the best helmets ive tried

Hi @thebeardedboy Do you have some technical prints or review on it? I was not able to find web review that ranked or at least identified it in a top 20 for protection.

I’ve got a beard to hide my already ground-up face :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, there’s got to be a reason pretty much all type of riders after a certain speed use a full face. Another pro for me would be the great field of view the Pass offers, fits snuggly (no wiggle room when turning head), boosts confidence and most of all: hides my my ugly face and doesn’t cause people to think terrorists now ride E-sk8’s.

Also, the Pass has a sexy clean look without screaming for attention imo. I’ve got the the s(k)atin black one.

Good luck on choosing, let us know what u end up with!

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Are you able to use glasses with the pass? Because when I’ve tried it, I was getting pain from pressure point near my hears. My headsize is 62,5 cms / 24,61 inches

I haven’t tried it with any glasses but I can imagine it being similiar to your case, either super tight to the point of it hurting or not at all.

Im guessing you’re talking about normal glasses and not sun glasses? For the sun, the visor works great imo.

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Get a Fox Proframe or Troy Lee Designs Stage.

The San Diego heat doesn’t even phase them. It’s seriously like you’re not even wearing a helmet.

The Lazy Rolling hoodie on the other hand, as much as I love it, is absolutely hot as fuck in San Diego

TSG pass is good with he heat as long as you’re moving 15+mph. That’s coming from Norcal valley where it get’s 100+ in the summer. I ride full gear even when it’s that hot out and my head is always the coolest part of me lol. Also nice to have a visor when going fast for bugs, and in the winter to keep your eyes from freezing over. I wear glasses fine with it.

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Thx a lot, Yes I am speaking about medical glass, something to help to discover the tree that was in front of you without hand assistance

What is your head size? On my side, I am 62,5 cms so even the largest size seems to small…

Thanks for all the input. I am probably going to go with the Triple Eight mips helmet for now, mainly due to price. I don’t plan on falling off again!

This comment is of the wrong mindset… No one EVER plans of falling…its a question of when… I ate shit today doing 20ish and.fucked my ankle up some…not even a cool story…just commuting to work on nice…early…empty morning streets…staright bullshit with someone of my skill…it happens… Gear up and be glad you did…dont gear up harder each fall cuz you should have the first time… It doesn’t take any more time but saves you major “recovery” time… #oldmantalk

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You did read my original post, right? But you’re right, not planning on falling off wont stop it from happening. I meant that as a jest.

Yea, I’m also in so cal, I ride pretty much daily in traffic in and around downtown LA… day, night, rush hour. my board is basically my car. I regularly ride over 30 mph.

After a fall about 2 years ago where I broke 2 ribs and lacerated my scalp, I’ve kinda been obsessed with NOT getting so damaged WHEN I fall. Since then, I’ve got an armored leather biker jacket, Kevlar lined jeans, and recently, a TSG Pass helmet. I wear all of this, all the time.

Also no problem wearing Oakley sunglasses with the TSG Pass. I do nearly every day.

A friend of mine who rides motorcycles told me one of the most common body parts to hit in a high side accident is your chin. He showed me the stats on motorcycle accident injuries to riders without helmets, and sure enough, one of the most common points of damage as reported by U.S. emergency rooms was lower mandible.

Personally, I have a hard time calling the machine that I ride a “skateboard”… since it’ll hit 40mph on flat ground… and I “ride” it like a motorcycle in the street surrounded by cars and other traffic.

I’ve had half a dozen falls over 25… probably 2-3 falls over 30 mph… walked away every time due to wearing the right gear. Without it, I KNOW at least one fall probably would ended me, and at least one more woulda shattered my elbow and left me a bloody mess.

Yes, it makes it pretty hot riding in 90 degree weather.

But It’s just easier to wash off sweat than blood.

Go TSG Pass… it’s expensive, but given the risks… I just wouldn’t ride with it


Any helmet is better than none I guess, I’d still recommend a full face for eskating. Don’t let price be a safety factor, invest in yourself!

Anyways, be safe out there buddy!