Help! 10s3p pack doesn’t work (2nd build)

Hey all.

I have my tiny board I’m pairing to a 6354 motor with a 10s3p pack made of 30qs. I had initially built a 10s2p pack and that thing makes the wheels spin hard. I throw on my first 10s3p pack w d140 bms discharge only- and it is so sluggish … figured something was wrong/ rebuilt the pack using cell level type fusing w nickel strips onto a copper bus bar and parallels joined with 12g wire x 2.

SAME PROBLEM w new pack… what could be doing this? The voltage on the battery is like 34.2 currently… I’ll charge it for a bit and retest but it by no means has that same KICK like my 10s2p. Could it be the bms somehow?

Has anyone ever experienced this? I think my wiring is sufficient to provide adequate draw… something isn’t adding up. Please help :frowning:

image image

Please post screenshots of your VESC settings, if you’re using a VESC.

You definitely need to charge the battery past 2% full to test it.

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Here’s the thing- when i put on the other pack, the 10 s 2p… it rips. This barely spins the wheels… wouldn’t move me.

Does that mean I assembled my pack incorrectly? The vesc settings don’t change as I swap packs to test out, right? And my cutoff is below that of my current voltage on the battery. Something isn’t making sense… did i truly just mess my building of my pack? I’m fairly confident in my solder and spot welds. Thanks again for the help all!

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