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Hi guys,

I’am Pjotr 17 years young. I live in Belgium.

I want to make a longboard that can climb an 10% hill. What i have: Board + Trucks Motor Mount (50mm motor) Charger 6s 4A 97mm wheels Battery%Bms 6s 5A charging (i go bypass the Discharge)

I was thinking of change my setup to a 10s or 12s setup for more torque. 10s setup: I was thinking of use this motor 6355. Is see that the motor have 8 mounting holes. Will it fit on my mount? I know when i go for a 10s setup i must change the charger and bms. I will maybe use a vesc.

the battery will be 5000mah, on what setup can i ride the longest?

Hi. If you have 10S you will get less range than 12S. because you will have 2 more battery cells. I have a 6S lipo system and it can climb 10% but it struggles. It goes 7 miles and 26 mph at full charge. Point is you’d probably be ok with 6S but I’d recommend 10S or 12S because it will handle the hills better.

I have a 6S battery and can climb 8% with really no problem. I’m using a FVT 120A ESC (45€) topspeed of mine is 40kmh so if you have like 30kmh topspeed, 10% will be no problem. I’m very happy with the esc, tried already other esc’s but this is the smoothest for an affordable price.

Thanks for the answer, what motor do you use and have youre esc a break?

I’m a little partial to the higher voltages (10s is my preferred :slight_smile:) and the VESC. I believe that the higher voltages usually run a little more efficiently than lower. Lower voltage will mean higher current and more wear on the cells for (roughly) the same amount of work. It’s usually a bit more expensive (at least in the short term) though

I have had an SK3-320kV and now I’m using a SK3-236kV, both very good and I have never had motor problems. You need a motor with a 8mm shaft I guess? So I should search for a motor on hobbyking

I know hobbyking (have rc cars). I was looking around (after buying a BMS and 6s adapter) but the most of the people use 10s-12s battery’s. Do you have any problems with starting? or do you push? Wat is the size of youre motor? 50 or 60mm?

The most expensive part between 6s and 10s is the battery’s. Its difficult for me to chose because i have ordere a 6s BMS and 6s adapter. When i chose for the 10s build the adapter and bms are lost money. I go order a vescx from some people of the forum here. What motor do you use on you’re build?

If you’ve already ordered 6s parts, just stay with it. I’ve got dual 6354’s from DIY, a 10s4p Li-Ion battery, and dual VESCs

The 6s parts cost me only 35$… i think that i would give up 35$ and go for a 10s board… 63mm and what kv?

Mine were technically sold as something close to 245kv (I bought them a year ago, so I don’t remember…), though I think they’re actually 190kv.

I can start without pushing and I have a 50mm motor.