Help a man out sale: pulleys fs (everything else sold!)

Friends, my roommate is screwing me over and I need to sell the following items:

Bestech hcxd 223 12s bms - open bag but never connected. $50 shipped US (paid $62) 20180909_212412

Abec 11 97mm - used but fantastic shape. Asking $50 +shipping in US but I can negotiate (I really need money)20180909_21322720180909_212935

Abec 11 90mm used, good shape, but one wheel had a metro-pulley, and thus, has a loose inner bearing seat. Asking $25 +shipping (please!!)20180909_213437

One metroboard press fit pulley and spacer $15 +shipping20180909_21362220180909_213639

Two evolve 38t pulleys and the 6900z NSK bearings they come with - NEW $40 +shipping 20180909_21353120180909_213525

Again, please consider this a negotiation, but be kind - I could really use whatever you can spare :frowning:

If these items seem grossly overpriced, I am open to polite suggestions. I am also considering selling my DieBie BMS, which is unused, but haven’t decided to let it go yet. Would consider $100+shipping, but I will probably keep it.

PM me for whatever, but I gotta hold out for the highest bidders cause I’m BONED right now :sob:


97s SOLD, thanks @DilatedPupils Metro pulleys SOLD @ARetardedPillow


I’ll take the 90s.

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Do the evo pullys only work on evo trucks?

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The ones that have a 10mm to 8mm step down Edit: I don’t know what spacers they need though

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Everyone saw the bestech up top, right LOL. I member a time they would get snatched up in seconds. Db’s must have tipped the scales…:thinking:edit: maybe I could drop it for 40 +shipping?

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90s SOLD 10char


Your roommate sucks!! Sorry you had to open shop. What width are the evolve pulleys? I’m interested.

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They’re definitely at least 15mm, maybe more! I’ll measure ALL the dimensions tonight after work and I’ll send you a pm!! Thanks!

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