Help a sister out?

Ok… I’m not sure if this is allowed but anyone who has been watching my build log knows that my board has put me through lots of headache.

First of all, my hub motors turned out to be crap, then my vescs both died. I ordered another which was broke upon plugging into my computer for the first time. I fried multiple batteries. Replaced the batteries and fried them while charging. Bought new wheels, and a new motor, it worked for about 3 (short) rides and now the motor won’t spin. It tries when I pull the throttle but can’t physically be turmed. Also, my mini remote stopped working randomly, quit pairing.

I’m saying all this to say, I really decided to build my eskate to save money with transportation in the city when I do my music gigs. I’ve actually wasted so much money doing this. I’ve learned a lot but I really don’t have the money to replace anything else. I’m thinking of I can get one of those torque boards closed motors that would be less prone to breaking, as I think mine shorted out. Maybe a rock got in there or something.

I still have my battery issue. I have 2 4s 5000mah lipos and an 8s BMS that I never installed. Actually, I fried the wires to it when I originally tried to hook it up to the balance lines on the batteries. So the bms is still in good shape but the wires aren’t. @akhlut was nice enough to help me out a bunch with restoring my vescs, and helping me out with fixing some Soldering issues that had to do with my batteries the first time they were fried.

I’m not trying to be a charity case but the truth is, I’m a single mom with 2 daughters that are 3 and 5. I have an ex husband that does absolutely nothing for them. I’m a disabled vet as well. We just don’t make too much money haha. To be honest with you, it’s been extremely difficult to keep a job when I’m the only one responsible for my 2 girls as well as medical appointments.

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks. I tend to ramble on about things. I’m asking if anyone can help me out with some of these parts to get my board going again. I literally waste more money driving to city gigs and sometimes even time searching for parking to have to walk far anyway. Those gigs are a source of income for me.


Let me know if you think this motor is shorted. I couldn’t figure out how to mute the video.


Here’s my music page on YouTube. I’m a saxophonist.


Is it possible the screws are shorting the motor? What length are they, does loosening them do anything, and is the motor unplugged from the vesc?

There was a lot said here…and as most men probably here…I didn’t understand anything. Did you ask a question? As the title said help. But the words said…well I’m still not sure.

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I cut them to the exact length with a dremel. I did unplug the motor.

I’m not sure we understand what you’re asking us.

If the motor is detached from everything and it’s in your hand, is it still hard or impossible to turn?

I need help with funding and/or donation of replacement parts.

Yes. Still hard or impossible to turn. It turns maybe a 1/4"

Your bearing may be seized. The motor mounting plate looks like it has been dragged thru some serious disagreements with pavement/curbs… was the motor mounted when that happened? I would remove it from the mount and undo the set screw on the pulley - slide that off and you should be able to pull the motor apart.

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So you think it’s the bearing rather than a short? And yes, that happened while the motor was mounted. I didn’t think that part could effect the motor. More so thought it would shield it actually. I will try your idea though.

Good chance there’s some debris stuck in there

what happened to these? I have a spare motor I would trade for some crap hubs :wink:

If you disassemble the motor youll find the issue. If its not repairable im sure there’s a low cost replacement floating around the fourm.

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How did you menage to fry your batteries, you sure you connected and charged and balanced them like they need to?

Ive been insanely busy at work trying to get everything in a good place before vacation which is where i am now. :smiley: once i get back ill swing up or you can swing down and we can look at it.


Sorry to heard that, can’t image living in the United states would be so tought before …

maybe just sell every things out,to people who know how to fix them. then use the money to buy a cheap completed board, better a hub motor one, less issue. follow every product instructions when driving and maintaining…

you can have my old 270kv NTM Propdrive if you want, it’s banged up but it works


He has some good reliable cheap options, that will just fill your needs… Sell every thing else and go for this