Help! Am I missing anything?

Hey everyone.

I’m an absolute newbie, and I want to build an electric longboard for college, on the lowest budget possible. A lot of the other cheap builds on this site don’t link the parts they use, or the links no longer work! I have a list of cheap supplies, and I need to know if I’m missing anything, if these parts will work together, if I can go cheaper on anything, or if I’m just really dumb. I have a complete homemade longboard already.


don’t get an esc for an RC boat get a VESC, are you gonna run this on 3S? that’s way too low. Also that pulley kit won’t work cuz there is no plate to hold it onto the wheel. Get a lower KV motor, something like this

This pulley kit would work, which trucks and wheels do you plan to use?

why are you worrying about some XT 90 connector and a “charging board” xd

this is the cheapest VESC

decent remote

college kid I relate

get this when you are tight on money you don’t get to play scientist.

stretch for any meepo style board in your price range and maybe upgrade the battery if needed via purchasing quality value cells and constructing a battrey pack

BUT!! The hub motors will cause shit vibrations on anything less than well newly paved roads.

right off the bat what you are missing.

  • charger

  • powersupply

  • enclosure (materials cost)

  • suitable trucks (or a ton of adhesives and an iron file)

  • no battery voltage indicator/alarm (maybe not needed with vesc)

  • 15usds worth of hardware

with a months of hard research (+Chinese bits) you could probably build something good for say 500$

But as with cheaper builds it’s almost always going to give some sort of lesson and that’s why you won’t find a lot of people here willing to green-light anything you do for the economy extreme.

Ok dude. From a thought to 28mph and 9 1/2 months at a makerspace here it is. get your complete all terrain setup with 5065 motors for 250. The. Get the 4.12 plus esc for 150. The VX1 remote for 50. 40 cells from 130 to 160. Eboardsperu for enclosure 170 after shipping. Bms by gridvision in florida. 35 bucks lets say. Thatll get you 28mph for 30 miles. Beat any gtr evolve board out there. Correction. The 6374 motors beat the gtr. Thats 275 for the all terrain kit. 5065 is less still badass



I recommend just getting a WoWGo board. Less hassle making one. Unless you have the money to spend. Then those parts are not gonna work out for you.