Help and Ideas converting / updating old E-Glide GI board

In advance I want to thank everyone for reading and extra thanks for those providing guidance on this project. I have a older e-glide GI power board that I would like to upgrade and reduce its overall weight. The board has been good to me however I think technology has advanced a bit since it was designed. The boards utilizes the following:

800W Brushed DC motor PG Technologies Motor Controller Ground Industries Bionic Trucks Ground Industries Deck High Pressure Pneumatic Tires MBS Rockstar Aluminum Mag Style Wheels

I did upgrade to a lighter 10S5P battery and that has been working great. I also have Kenda slicks just have not switched due to we still have snow in Minneapolis.

I think I need the following:

  • 2 BLDC ESC
  • dual drive mechanical setup
  • 2 Brush-less motors
  • 2.4ghz controller setup

I have attached pictures below would like your ideas on how to refresh and reuse what makes sense.


Here are a few higher quality pics from the web:

e-glide electric skateboard top viewe-glide GI electric skateboard back viewelide GI Electric Skateboard rear

Again…e-glide is a great group of people and the board has severed me well just want to refresh,

Thanks for recommendations…


what did you end up doing? I have a old GI board also, its at EGlige though and they are telling me that since ground industries went out of business that the board can’t be rebuilt… thinking of having it sent back and trying to find some other shocks for it or maybe go totally dyi on it.

hello there, i want to update the battery in my Eglide AT, and im looking for those 10s5p, can you tell me the description you used, like 36volts 20ah? thanks