HELP anyone have experience with this 10s charge-only bms?

Anyone have experience with this 10s charge-only bms? Or even better a decent 10s bms to buy on Ebay?

Generally when someone needs help they state the problem or question in the body of the post

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thanks, good point

I am about to buy one but idt it has been reviewed here yet… they have a post about it… it’s supposedly l waterproof lol

mind linking me? I’ve been looking all over for a decent one, found a 13s bms that i bought, but am unable to find a decent 10s

U can use a 13s as a 10s

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I bought It. I tossed It to the garbage bin 1 minute after installed. My unit could be DOA i don’t know. I just never give two chances to a product. That’s my personal opinion and experience.

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well, fk. .

Any advice on where to find a decent 10s charge only BMS then?

I’ve heard references to besttech but they’re so pricey.

that would actually work great then. Do you happen to have a link handy for a 10s charge only? Have a hard time looking at their catalog.

I would appreciate it so much

i’ve got some on hand, fresh from shenzen three days ago:


Burnt-down houses are slightly pricey, too. Remember, this is your safety equipment.


I got my unit from @thisguyhere ships fast :grinning:

I’m not sure what happened to yours but mine seems to work fine. The only complaint I have is the small balance current

Sorry, what I meant to say was that I’m not looking for a bms for discharge. Just a charge only BMS.

The only Besttech ones that I could find mention of were discharge as well. Someone mentioned that they were ~150$. So it’d be more feature that i wasn’t looking for for more $$$

Not looking to cheap on a BMS, just find one that is reasonably safe / priced and what i want.

I communicated that poorly

Esk8 life is your shop right???

I’ll definitely pick a couple up there then!



The Bestech D190 is what you want and is around $25 to $35 in the ConUS

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@thisguyhere EDIT: decided to buy ur last 12s bms and some nickel lol… figured wth, may as well upgrade for the same price, i can run it either 10s or 12s and i have the cells for either so… why not haha… i didnt know ur shop was a thing and Now i am glad i messed up on entering ym card number on Amazon and they rejected my payment xD

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yup i see you, it’ll be sent today.