[HELP] APS Dual 150A ESC/APS Transmitter-Receiver Issues

Looking for someone who has already set up this ESC. Here’s my build in a nutshell:

APS Dual 150A ESC APS 5065 motors, 270kV, 2200W, 60A (x2) APS Transmitter/Receiver 8S Turnigy Lipo 5000mah (2 4s in series) Enertion Dual drive kit (still on it’s way, pending delivery on 2/13)

This is probably a simple issue, but I can’t find a solution. I can’t seem to get the transmitter/receiver to work with the ESC.

I have the ESC plugged into CH2 on the receiver. Lipos are at a storage charge, 30.5V total. I power on the transmitter, then the ESC/receiver. I get 3 short beeps, a pause, and then it starts a pattern of 3 short beeps, pause, 3 short beeps, repeated 10 times. No response from throttle input, so I assume that the ESC isn’t actually communicating properly with the receiver. I can’t find any manual or information on what the beeping patterns actually mean. I have gotten it to do other patterns, don’t remember how I made that happen, or what the beeps were. So does anyone know how to set this up properly? Do you have links for a more informative manual? Overall it seems the information for these ESCs is limited at best.

Other information: Both ESCs are running CARLV_UV45. This isn’t the firmware they came loaded with, I accidentally flashed one ESC to the wrong software during initial programming. I emailed Bruno and he told me to run this firmware instead, still not sure if it’s the right one though based on the firmware version being 4.5 and the firmware the ESC came with was version 5.0. Also need your advice on this.

Hi Dave, I’ll run the same setup. I haven’t done it yet, but after my batteries charged fully (in a couple hours), everything should work. Here are some ideas of mine.

1.: Try to plug the ESC to CH1. I don’t understand this manual completely but it might help: http://epowerhobby.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/APS-EVT3-DIGITAL-PROPORTIONAL-RADIO-CONTROL-SYSTEM-1.pdf

2.: Have you put the right amount of motor poles in your firmware of the ESC? I don’t know if that changes something, but I would put the mark to the amount of the poles that your motor has.

3.: There is also a pattern lexicon over here: http://alienpowersystem.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Alien-ESC-Instruction-sensored-A5-USB-PDF.pdf

4.: In your way you did not press the “bind” button on the remote. The first manual explaines how to let the remote communicate with the ESC.

I will update this, Cheers, Dave

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This is what might help: (please read manuals anyways) 6- RECEIVER The Alien radio control system is supplied with RECEIVER.
The products are matched by factory. In case you need to BIND the system please follow this procedure: -Turn ON the Transmitter -Push the BIND button -Turn ON the Receiver The LED light will flash for few seconds. When the Light will be steady system is matched

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Thank you for the manuals, I did have those ones. The ESC one didn’t seem to correspond with our ESCs but I’ll have another look. The program came with a motor timing of 3 in the software, not sure if that’s right or not. Unfortunately I don’t have my mounts still, snowstorm in the Northeast US held up my package I think. That or customs O.o I’ll let you know if I get it figured out, let me know what software settings you end up using. I pretty much went with the preset values across the board for the CARLV_UV45 program.

Edit: forgot to mention that the remote calls CH2 to be the momentary switch, while the receiver manual calls CH2 the throttle channel. They don’t seem to match between the receiver and the transmitter. Trial and error shows that CH1 on the receiver must be the momentary switch, as when I plug the ESC into it and hit the switch, both motors go to full power. Press again they stop abruptly. Imagine my surprise when I did this the first time by accident…

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My batteries are charged now. I have a 14 pole Turnigy motor and firstly I’ll be using the HELI setup, because it supports 14 poles. I will load a better firmware on it when everything works, because HELI does not support breaking! I use a motor timing of 15, because I read that this one is a solid number… Since I’m from Germany and I might not have got all your arguments correctly, I’m sorry for any mistakes in here.

Do you use a switch for your spare channel?

Edit: so I’ve got it right that the Acceleration-Trigger is CH1 on the remote, but CH2 on the receiver and the spare channel (CH2 on the remote, for LEDs and stuff) is CH1 on the receiver? this is so confusing, omg

Okay. I cabled everything together and the motor also des NOT spin, whether I plugged it in CH1 or CH2. But mine beeps in different patterns, but this might be caused because we have different motors

OK. I did see something about pulling the throttle to full power right after the first beep when you turn it on. See if that arms the ESC. It is incredibly confusing.

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Oh yes it is. When I plug these together, I plug the ESC cable (Brown, red and orange) in the rx receiver. which way do you plug it? And there are some LEDs on top of the receiver. In my case, whatever I do, none of these turn on. My ESC (150A mini ESC BEC from Alien) should power the receiver, but there isn’t a black cable and this confuses even more. I thought that I would not need an external battery if my integrated BEC (5V) powers the receiver.

OK that’s basically where I’m at as well. The ESC cable should power the receiver according to the wiring diagram. I believe the proper connection is to have the ESC wire plugged into CH2. I forget which wire I figured out was the negative lead. I think it’s the brown one. At the top of the plugs on the receiver you’ll see a “+”, a “-”, and a third symbol. That third symbol represents the signal wire while the other two are for power. So put the brown wire in the negative side and see if your receiver powers up with a red light. Then try doing the full throttle thing and see what happens.

And now to top it off my delivery from Enertion went from delivery today to unscheduled delivery… and it never made it to a UPS site in the USA so it’s either stuck in customs or fell off the plane somewhere over the Pacific… ugh -_-

So your motor spun once? I agree that the brown ESC wire is for the negative pole, the red one for positive and the orange one for signal. I found a wiring diagram for another ESC and that said this. My receiver does not power up with a red light. I’m building one with my friend and also his receiver does not power up. I will try it with more voltage since I’m using a 3S battery right now for testing and things (so if I plug something wrong nothing will blow up). I’ll use my 6S batteries and maybe it works then. And I’m sorry for your package

I think it’s weird that you’re not getting a light on your receiver. We might have separate issues here unfortunately :confused:

Yeah I guess we’re having different issues. Could you tell me the settings you put in the firmware and what voltage you are using? It’s really annoying that the receiver(s) won’t power on…

I was trying to run it at a full 8S. I did not change any settings from the default ones used for CARLV_UV45. What firmware did you download and install on the ESCs? Did you do the full setup described in the manual?

When you power on the ESC, see if you get about 5V across the + and - wires

nice, I’ll try it with 6S later on. I used the HELI firmware (there is only one similar to this name) because it’s the only setting where I could change the motor poles to 14. After I emailed Bruno (Alien support) he told me I do not have to change the motor poles in the firmware and it would also work if I use another firmware where 2-4poles is locked. I don’t know what you mean with the manual. I updated the firmware and changed some things like “cut off voltage” or “battery type” or “throttle acceleration” depending on my setup. Yeah, I think I’ll measure it with a voltmeter tomorrow or so

Try it with the same firmware I mentioned above. With the HELI firmware you probably won’t have brakes if I remember correctly. Oh and I guess you must have done the initial setup procedure as you have access to the ESC software. I was basically asking if you had changed the firmware at all yet, which you have. Edit: the reason your receiver isn’t powering on might be because the ESC Bruno builds for helicopters might not have a BEC, so there wouldn’t be anything in the program to turn on the BEC and send power to your receiver. I know a lot of helicopter setups require you to have a separate BEC just to take the voltage from the batteries and take it down to 5V for the receiver.

Yeah I’ll try out different firmwares. There is one called Sk… and I thinks it stands for Skate so I’ll check this one out. What is the initial setup procedure? I know that there aren’t any brakes with the HELI firmware, but it was the only one supporting 14 poles (now I know that every firmware does this so I can change it easily) I have this ESC and it says that there is a 5V 3A BEC: http://alienpowersystem.com/shop/esc/alien-120a-2-7s-ev-mini-esc-bec/ I know that the ESC isn’t the best one ever but for a poor student it should work :smile:

Oh thank you. I tried it with your firmware and the receiver powers on, 14poles and breaking is provided. Thanks!!!

Hey that’s awesome! I’ll give it another go when my drive kit comes, hopefully tomorrow. Send me a pic of your build! :smile: